Zelda NES Cartridge Sells For $8,70,000; Makes A “World Record”

    Remember the old Nintendo game that we used to play for hours and hours? Imagine the same game today. It would be lovely right? That’s exactly what is happening now. Vintage products are sold at a phenomenal rate and thus they usually sell at an auction. The reason behind this is that the game has too many memories to cherish from. It is one of the games that people from the 70s would play easily. Moreover, since there are very few left in this world, it is being sold at an auction where it can be priced according to the capability of the owner. The cartridge that is being sold is sealed from all sides making it the sealed cartridge of The Legend Of Zelda. The simple Japanese game which was quite popular, as popular as Tik Tok we might say in the past. This makes it one of the best games in the world.

    It is a classic RPG adventure that you can accomplish by solving some puzzles and defeating some demons. The price that it was bid for was around 8,70,000 dollar rupees. This is an insane amount of money for something that could be bought for about 2 dollars. The auction company in the west has confirmed the statements regarding that man. They said that he could buy anything and everything on the menu. The auction house, the Heritage auction house, said the same over the news. They mentioned that the game has been sold to a particular famous person and that it has been sold for about 8,70,000 dollars. An insane amount of money isn’t it? That too for a game. But, it is the only one in the world.

    Zelda NES Cartridge

    And that it has been already lost due to new gamers in the market. The deal was finalized in New York where the auction house is kept. There was one particular video game back in the old days which sold a lot of copies. There weren’t any gamers or hackers available in the market in those days to make a fake one or to create an additional copy of the same, so people used to buy it all with their cash. It is said that around 660 thousand dollars of the sale happened in those days. This is the world record for the most number of sales that could happen for a video game. It is still dated back to 1987. The 1987 video game had some amazing features that currently we don’t own. This is the exact reason why this video game is the oldest in the world.

    This is due to the fact that in those days, technological advances hadn’t occurred yet and there were no means that someone could afford a huge big game. Still, it was sold in millions in the worst quantity ever imagined. When asked about the quantities, the owners of the hall stated that they usually bet on the same level and that just some time ago, they sold the Mario Bros game from the early ages of Nintendo for about 650 thousand dollars. The game, as mentioned above, sold like hotdogs in the street. It got so popular that people used to literally fight into the streets for the last piece of the game. The game was from the 443 lots which contain this game. It is still considered a masterpiece created in the history of video games. This has been confirmed by the editorial in chief, head of the company himself.

    Zelda NES Cartridge Game

    Eric Bradly, the spokesperson for the company has mentioned to our sources that the game has been very popular in the 80s and 90s that’s why it is being sold for such a high price. The Legend Of Zelda was a game that had quite a lot inside it. The game was a part of a series of games that Nintendo released and it gained major fame. The game itself was very much exciting and challenging for the users as well. The game became quite popular because of the amount of magic, sword fighting, and adventure that it possessed. Even after releasing so many gamers into the world, Nintendo is still known for Zelda and it is said that Zelda was the best creation from the company. Games like Zelda have become surprisingly popular in the last few years as nostalgia has hit us.

    The pleasure of playing the small game at home with no worries and spending countless hours clearing a certain level is the fact that we miss these days. But as these games pop up, we now want to play these games so that we can enjoy the nostalgic hits from those days. This is the exact reason why retro games have been popping up and being sold at a phenomenal price. Blending the genres of adventure, magic, action, role-playing and exploration is something that is unique to The Legend Of Zelda only. The game, if you remember, had Link and Zelda, one which was the elf and the second one was Zelda, the Princess. The game required us to complete a certain set of puzzles for adventure, while the main game was purely a hack and slash game where you can move forward by defeating your enemies.

    Zelda NES Cartridge Sells For $8,70,000

    The game is said to take about 22 hours to complete everything including the completionists type too. It was one of the most beautiful games in the world. The grandiose explanation given by the bidding company as to why this product is so much expensive and why they have sold the game for so many dollars is quite genuine actually. The man in question, the spokesperson, said a variety of things. Firstly, he stated that this variant is so unique that it is to be believed that it is the only sealed copy in the world. Plus the variant of this product which is sold at such a high price was shut down just after production so not many copies were sold. This means that the game is surely unique and there is nothing in the world to match the same. Moreover, the game is said to be replaced by the Rev-8 variant and yet this product that is being sold at the auction is the original one.

    There is also one copy that was made from the NES TM variant, and to buy this would surely be a big no-no because the copy is said to perish with time. As for the collectors, the copy being sold is the only copy that is to be released. The bidding company themselves have said that this product is something of such rarity that they cannot sell anything rarer than this. It is said to be a product that comes once in a hundred years. Many other games from the golden era, such as Mario Super Kart and even games like Pokemon cards are being sold at a much higher rate and their prices have increased. It is said that the cards which were worth hundreds have reached the thousand dollars mark. As to why bidding is happening so much for the vintage stuff, cannot be explained but the fact is that the prices have shot up quite steadily.

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