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Top 20+ Best Free TV Streaming Sites To Watch Series Online 2024

Are you finding ways to watching series with best free TV streaming sites like movies123. TV shows online is not a hard thing to do as there are many TV websites and services available for Watch series online. Gone are those days when you had to wait for a movie, show, or series to get telecasted on TV to watch them.

With a simple search, you will find hundreds of tv streaming sites on the internet that can be used to watch shows and series online without downloading. The best thing is that both paid and free streaming sites are available on the internet so you can use the sites that you want. Well, among some genuine sites there are some fake streaming sites available too which can cause issues while streaming.

It doesn’t matter what type of movies (Marvel Movies in order), shows, or series you want to watch, you can always use these streaming sites to watch them online. Some sites may ask you to register yourself on them before start streaming content from them while some are open and can be used without any account registration process.

You can always use these websites on any device you own, be it a computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. We have included both paid and free TV streaming sites on this page so you can use them according to your needs. If you are a fan of TV shows and series, then you will definitely find these websites useful.

Best Free Live TV Streaming Sites

Here in this post, we are going to tell you about some of the best free TV streaming sites that can be used to watch TV shows and series online for free. We have mentioned both paid and free TV streaming sites so you can use them according to your needs.

Many websites mentioned on this page provides completely free streaming of TV shows and series and that too without any registration and sign up process. While some sites might ask you to register yourself before using them. If you want, then you can also subscribe to the paid plans of TV streaming sites as they might offer some additional features to the paid users.

What Are TV Streaming Sites?

As the name says, TV streaming sites are those websites or services that allow you to watch TV shows and series online without downloading. Though some of these sites offer to download feature but it is just an additional feature while streaming remains the main motive.

If you have ever searched for such sites on the internet, then you might have already visited them.

If you don’t know about such sites then let us tell you that Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, Crackle, etc. like sites are some of the most popular names when it comes to online movies and TV shows streaming websites that you can use right now.

Is It Safe To Watch TV Shows/Series Online?

It is probably one of the most common questions asked by people around the world. Well, nothing on the internet is safe until you are not aware of the things you are doing.

Many webmasters have created fake streaming sites that might try to steal your personal information in the name of free TV streaming sites so you must be cautious while using them.

Instead of using the websites, you found after searching on the internet, we will recommend you use the websites mentioned on this page. We have tested these websites ourselves and then provided on this page so others can use them too.

Top 20+ Best Free TV Streaming Sites In 2024

1# 123Movies

Their are no alternative of 123Movies, the best movie and TV show streaming platform. since this TV streaming site is one of the oldest but still most popular for watch shows online. This site is completely free and you don’t need to register for stream online.

2# Netflix

The biggest subscription service continues to be the largest on the market. Netflix would likely include, with one monthly subscription fee, unrestricted streaming of television series, shows, documentaries, comedy specials, and Netflix original content.

You can also create five accounts on a single account so that your favorite stuff doesn’t screw up your friends and loved one’s recommendations.

Netflix regularly introduces and drops shows, so you will find some of the latest released series and shows for online streaming on it. Since Netflix is also available as an app, you can also stream TV shows and series from smartphones using it.

If you don’t have any issues in paying for streaming TV series and shows, then Netflix is the best service you can use right now.

3# Vumoo

Vumoo is not just another streaming website for TV shows and series but this website offers streaming without registration. Unlike other streaming sites, there are not enough filters like region, genre, IMDB rating, etc. You yourself have to search for the TV shows or series for online streaming on this website.

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Right on the homepage, you will get to see a list of the latest added shows and series which can start streaming right away. If not, then you can use the search box to find something specific.

The design is very well organized so you will not face any type of problem in using this website. Vumoo is definitely a hidden gem for streaming lovers.

4# LosMovie

url: https://losmovies.id/home

You can watch full TV shows and series online free of charge from LosMovie. LosMovie is a very recent release streaming site but this website gets the job done just like other free streaming sites like 123movies. A strong selection of films is kept by LosMovie.

It also helps you to pick a movie using a ton of search options. Films based on the IMDb ranking, genres, publication year, and latest year can be filtered.

The wonderful layout of the homepage and the smooth playback make sure that every title is streamed in a matter of seconds.

There are many links for every series and shows available so if a link is not working, you can always get with the alternate links. You can also use the search function to verify whether or not the series or shows you are searching are available.

5# Hulu

If you just want to watch the new TV shows and series, and you don’t want to spend on streaming, Hulu is the perfect option. Hulu is a streaming subscription service that is paid, so if you are looking for something free then this is not for you.

This service offers links to many of the big network screens, and a few networks are seen on the day they are broadcasting. It also helps viewers to view the latest episode of a show — or even during all seasons of the series.

It acts as a combination of Sling TV and Netflix, providing its consumers both TV shows and Live Entertainment. Content and the app is separate from a quality, the low subscription would include advertising and a high plan includes live TV without promotions. Hulu TV Price begins at $7.99 although we think it’s worth buying on the higher side.

6# Noxx

Noxx is also a video entertainment site that offers audiences high-quality TV series and TV shows streaming. However, this website needs some improvements in categorizing the series and shows available on it. Noxx is a new streaming website, so don’t expect much from it but it does update the database on daily basis.

On this website, each episode of the TV and web series are split into by the season so viewers can easily find them. If you have never visited this website yet then you should definitely check it out. Another good thing about Noxx is that it doesn’t ask you to register or sign up on the website to stream content from it.

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7# Movies Joy

MoviesJoy is a TV streaming website without registration that enables you to stream high quality, full-length films, series, and shows at no charge.

It is one of the best places like Netflix and has one of the biggest video libraries that you can view and discover anywhere. You can also watch TV shows and episodes without any ads on this website.

This streaming website for TV shows and series comes with a thrilling design where all new release films are readily available right on the homepage.

It also features a good recommendation mechanism focused on your watch history, much like most other like sites. The interface is easy to navigate and more than 30 types of genres can be explored on it.

8# AZMovies

AZMovies is one of the best free streaming sites for movies, shows, and series which gets thousands of visitors per month. Every day, the database of this website gets updated with the newest movies, shows, and series which you can start streaming right away.

This website is in the streaming business for quite a long time so you can trust it without any worries.

If you have slower internet connections, you can watch films in 1080p or 720p. Navigation is very simple on this website so you can find the content you are looking for.

By using the search bar or by clicking on the tags you can search for your favorite movies. This website often shows advertisements, so there is a minimal charge for a free option.

9# Hotstar

Hotstar is an application and streaming website used mostly by Indians. It helps customers to see videos, television shows, and live sports free of charge.

A paid subscription plan is also available, in which users may pay for downloading content a monthly or annual charge. As far as quality is concerned, Star India owns several TV channels and consumers can watch sporting tournaments.

Content of various languages is available on this website which can be viewed by the users. If you don’t like paying for streaming then you can consider using Hotstar without any issues. Before every video, a one-minute ad is shown so you may have to bear with some ads while using it.

10# Bflix

url: https://bflix.sx/

Bflix is another perfect place to stream full-length movies, shows, and complete series. The user interface of this website is quick, fast, and seamless.

A user can easily find the content of this choice on this website easily. Remember that initially, this website is available only in the French language if you don’t understand it then use a translator.

The content language can be changed from the video player but the interface language need to be changed by the browser. It might be a new TV streaming website but it has a lot of good content that can’t be found on any other website.

Each content has the video-quality mentioned on its page so you can check it before streaming.

11# Plex

url: https://www.plex.tv/

This is another free TV streaming website, plex which everyone loves. The interface of this website is quick and you would find it after a lot of visits to this site.

The content of this website is graded in different ways: first, there is a typical A to Z method of categorizing the films in which you can navigate through the series and shows with their first letter.

You can look for the series and shows depending on the release year, which now runs from 1976 until 2020. Finally, you still have genres-based categorization like humor, crime, mystery, fantasy, etc. It has many TV shows and series which you can watch right after visiting this website. The best thing is, there are no ads on the website.

12# Amazon Prime

Amazon is popular all around the world and the video streaming service of Amazon, Prime Video is another good TV streaming website where you can find a lot of movies, shows, and series too.

This service is paid and costs differently in each country. Though if you are looking for a stable streaming website, then this is what you must use.

You will need to create an account on Amazon Prime Video to stream content from it.

The best thing about this service is that there are no ads shown so you can stream content as long as you want. You can also download Amazon Prime Video apps on your smartphones to watch TV series and shows from your mobile devices.

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13# HBO Max

HBO Max is a video streaming service that lets you stream your favorite shows and series anytime you want. This website delivers everything for all, from pre-school children to adults with scripted and unscripted shows, entertainment, documentary video, series, and shows for both the children’s and adults, animations, and many more.

HBO Max has numerous unique characteristics which make it stand out, and why you must prefer using this website over others. You can also search for series and shows using the search box if you are looking for something specific.

Remember that HBO Max is not free and you will have to subscribe to one of its paid plans to enjoy its streaming services.

14# Vudu

A huge selection of movies, series, and TV shows are available in Vudu Movies On Us for online streaming. It has a variety of hundreds of titles in its free library that span all imaginable genres. Up to 1080p can be streamed, so the output is no concern.

The website is well organized – the free titles and the rentals can be easily found on this website.

If you are searching for something special, you have a specific search option. It takes a minute to register for the service and only name, email address, and password are required.

If you want to use this website then you will have to register on it which is completely free. Vudu is definitely a good service for TV streaming online.

15# paramountnetwork

When you will visit paramountnetwork, then you will be asked to pass a security checkbox to prove the website that you are not a robot. On this website, you will be able to experience a wide variety of free TV shows and series. If you want then you can register on the website but it is completely optional.

You can find content on this website only by searching for it since No TV series filters are available and just the pages can be used to navigate.

There are no ads and no redirection on the website so you can stream without any issues. If this website is not available in your country, then you can consider using a VPN to access it.

16# Watch Series HD

The name says everything about this website. On Watch Series HD, you will be able to watch all types of movies and shows without any advertisements.

The homepage of this website lists all of the latest added episodes and shows which you can start streaming right away. The interface of Watch Series HD is very clean so you can navigate around to look for your favorite content.

Though it is not required but if you want then you can register on this website to enjoy some advanced features like being able to create playlists, resuming from where you left, getting notifications about the latest uploads, and many more. Watch Series HD is a must-visit website for every TV series and shows lover.

17# Shush

Shush.se is a new website for watching TV shows and series online. Users of Shush.se can also sign up on the website to participate in its forum. Like several related websites, a pop up will be created if you click on any of the pages which might annoy some users.

In contrast to other sites, Shush has a tidy interface, a wide variety of content, fast replay, and lower ads.

TV shows of different resolution forms like 1080p, 720p, HD, SD, etc. can be streamed according to the choice.

You can also search for shows, series, or movies by using the search feature. This website also lists all titles according to their genre, release date, and alphabetical order. Although this website is new but you can trust it with your free online TV streaming needs.

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18# TubiTV

TubiTV is a free TV streaming website which is offering a large variety of TV shows and series. This streaming website offers a large catalog of TV shows and movies that can be streamed without any cost from your computer, smart TV, and even from mobile devices.

The only thing downside of this website is the advertisements, which you have to watch before streaming any content.

The catalog of TubiTV currently has more than 20,000 films and TV shows which is remarkably high for a free streaming service.

The most interesting category on TubiTV is “Not on Netflix,” which is a collection of movies, shows, and series that can’t be found on Netflix. On the smartphone side, the TubiTV app can be found both in the Google Play and Apple App Store, so you can use it to stream content from your smartphones.

19# CONtv

CONTV is a subscription-based streaming service that can be used by users who are a horror, sci-fi, and animation film enthusiast.

CONtv can only be viewed in the USA, so you must have a US VPN server connection if you are trying to use it from some other country. You must register on the website to use it, but no payment information needs to be entered.

Although science fiction is the cornerstone of this streaming website, much more, like fiction, action, comics, and comedy genres are worth exploring.

The website is easy to access and it also has a search option to let users search for specific shows and series. You can use a VPN with this streaming website along with an ad-blocker to keep ads away.

20# Veoh

Veoh is an old streaming website but not many people know about it. It has a lot of series and TV shows that you can enjoy free of charge and that too without any registration.

Veoh also hosts content uploaded by its users, aside from series and shows uploaded by the developers. This website works a lot like YouTube but it is better than YouTube when it comes to movies, shows, and series online streaming.

Therefore, Veoh is the best streaming website if you are interested in watching content from aspiring filmmakers. Moreover, while most people are comfortable with the ads on this free streaming website, some of the ads might annoy you.

The contents are well-organized and you can search through numerous different parameters using the search feature.

21# losmovies

losmovies is a modern website with a wide content catalog of movies, series, and shows to stream online. The low advertising rate when browsing and watching content was among the best things we have found in evaluating losmovies.

Although this platform has fewer users than some, losmovies is predicted to obtain more users in the coming time.

You can completely access free and unregistered movies and TV shows on this platform in HD. losmovies catalog is hosted on different video distribution websites and it is updated every day so users can watch the latest released movies, shows, and TV series.

22# Soap2day

Soap2day was the one of the best movies and TV streaming sites few days before. but due to some reason the close the official soap2day website but there are many mirrors site like soap2day to watch series online. those soapgate and soap2day sites are providing users to to download movies and TV shows online to watch offline also. so if you think or feel above sites are not good you can visit any of soap2day alternative sites to watch series online without registration.

If you have not used this website yet, then try it one time and we are sure you will like it.

FAQs: Best Streaming Sites For TV Shows/Series

What Are The Best Sites To Watch TV Shows Online For Free?

Every day hundreds of new streaming sites get launched on the internet and it is impossible to rank them. You must be particular about your requirements before using any TV streaming website. We have tried to list only the best and working TV streaming sites on this page.

Remember that some sites listed here might not work for you as they might be banned by the ISP or your government. In case you come across such sites we will recommend you use a VPN to unblock them. Also, you can try using other websites than that to watch the content you wanted to stream.

Are Free Streaming Sites To Watch TV Shows Legal?

If you will start using random TV streaming websites after searching them online then there are high chances that you might land on some websites which are not legal. It is very hard to tell if a website is legal or not just by looking at it. While using such streaming sites you must pay attention to the content they are providing.

If you will stream any content which comes under copyright then that website can be termed as illegal. We have searched a lot of such sites that are free from these types of content and after reviewing every website we have prepared this list. You can use sites mentioned here without worrying about anything.

Which Site Is Best For Live Cricket Streaming?

Since cricket is a sport, you might not find a suitable TV streaming website to watch live cricket or other sports online. Though, some of the websites like Hotstar are an official broadcasting partner of various sporting events, so you can watch live sports matches on it but it is not free and you will have to subscribe to its subscription plans in order to stream sports online.

Another way is to download sports streaming apps on your smart TVs, desktop, or laptop devices and use them for streaming cricket and other sporting events. In case you are looking for sports streaming sites, then you might need to check our other article which is dedicated to such sites.

How To Live Stream On Smart TV?

Smart TVs have transformed how we watch movies, shows, and series. Unlike cable TVs, they are more advanced and support external apps via USB flash drives. If you have such TV and you are looking for ways to stream live TV on it, then you can consider installing some live TV apps on it.

If you are looking for ways to stream movies, shows, and series on a smart TV, then you can use a browser app and use the websites mentioned on this page to watch your favorite content without any worries. Many websites mentioned on this page offer their apps so you can also download and install those apps on your TV to make streaming easier.

Can You Watch Live TV Online Using Streaming Sites?

If you are looking for websites to watch LIVE TV online, then you might need to try TV streaming apps instead of websites.

There are only a few legit TV streaming sites available out there that allow you to watch live TV from your computer and laptop devices. Instead of them, you can consider using TV apps since a lot of them are available out there.

You can find both paid and free live TV streaming apps and it is up to you what type of service you want to opt for. The websites mentioned on this page are mainly for TV shows and series so you might not be able to use them to watch LIVE TV online.

Final Words

So this is all about the best websites to watch TV online and we hope you have found this post useful. There are many websites out there where you can watch TV shows online without sign up, but the websites we have mentioned on this page work best among all. You can use these websites to watch almost all movies, shows, and series without downloading.

We will keep this post updated with more live TV streaming websites, so keep visiting Central Viral to know about them. If you are facing any issues in using any of the free TV streaming services mentioned on this page or you have any questions regarding them then you can ask us for help via the comments below.

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