Best 20+ NBA Streaming Sites To Watch NBA Online

You can be frustrating when you don’t know about the NBA streaming sites. The time when people used to sit in front of the TV to watch live telecasts of sporting events like NBA final has gone.

These days, no one has got time to watch full sports matches on television, so they find Reddit NBA Streams, or they prefer streaming it online so they can enjoy watching their favorite sport anytime anywhere.

Although the official broadcaster website will allow you to watch the sport online, sometimes they might ask you to pay for it. Paying for streaming apps and services is not everyone’s cup of tea as they prefer using free sports streaming sites.

nba streaming sites

The same goes for the NBA as a lot of people out there are looking for websites to watch NBA online. If you are looking for NBA streaming websites, then you have landed on the correct page.

Remember that every NBA match has a different broadcasting partner so there are chances that some streaming services might not offer the live streaming of that match or event.

Watch Free NBA Live Streaming 2024 Session

In that case, you can simply move on to other streaming services and try using them to watch NBA matches online for free. Another good thing about these NBA streaming sites is that you can also use them to watch Nuggets vs. Heat live final match and so on along with highlights of previous matches too.

Nuggets vs. Heat

Here in this post, we are going to tell you about some of the best free NBA streaming sites to watch NBA games online without downloading anything. We have tested a lot of NBA streaming free sites and then listed some of the best among them on this page.

Some websites on this page will not ask you to sign up or register on them to use them. While some may ask you to prove your identity, and that is just for the verification purpose. If you are not able to access any website listed here, then move on to another website and try using it. VPN services come really handy when you come across a website that is blocked in your region.

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What Are Free NBA Streaming Sites?

National Basketball Association (NBA) streaming sites are the ones where you can watch live basketball as well as other sports relating events, leagues, premiers, and tournaments. In the above-mentioned best NBA sports streaming sites, you can watch and stream any sports relating events free of cost.

These sites are customarily preferable by the cricket, basketballs, and football users for whom seeing these sports is nothing less than breathing oxygen. These NBA streaming sites are both available free of cost and with a subscription. There are many legal as well as illegal NBA sports streaming sites with sign-up option for accessibility to more and more amazing features.

Are NBA Streaming Sites Legal?

Not absolutely. There are many sites on the internet that are illegal too. People in a hurry to watch sports and live matches fall into the trap of the illegal sites and generally prefer them and can even fall into a huge amount of loss but no one will be there to compensate for their substantial loss.

Therefore, it is important to analyze which one is legal NBA streaming sites and which one is not. No worries, the best sites to watch NBA online are Watch Sport Online, NBA league pass, NBABite and many more and we have found that for you. The above-mentioned 20+ streaming sites are the best ones and are absolutely legal.

Top 10+ Best NBA Streaming Sites No Sign-Up | Watch NBA Online Free

  1. NBA Bite

NBABite is a free NBA streaming site. this is NBA related site. here you stream all latest NBA matches. Reddit NBA streams is free to air streaming platform in USA. Due to copyright issue Reddit NBA is ban form USA. now NBAbite is best alternate for nba stream online without registration.

2. NBA League Pass

This is one of the most favorite streaming sites for all basketball lovers. It’s a platform where users can get access to the contents from the league’s official services. This is not free of cost; one needs to get a subscription for it.

The amount one needs to pay is quite high, but the subscription is totally worth it as one gets to see live games that may not be broadcast worldwide.

After subscription, one can see many live matches and can watch almost four games (HD quality) simultaneously. Overall NBA League Pass is a prominent product and has been adapted and used up by users over more than ten years.


Atdhe is one of the best NBA streaming sites for the ones who are sports lovers and loves to watch sports events. It is one of the free NBA streaming sites. It is the best source for sports lovers to watch NBA live matches, MMA, Premier League stream, NFL live matches, and many more.

One can get access to all sports games and can view it on many devices such as mobile, PC, laptop, tablet, and many more handy devices. For online streaming of live sports, you need to download flash player and if you already had Adobe Flash Player then you can just update it to the latest version.

4. Red Bull TV

Red Bull TV is customarily preferred by the users over many streaming sites because all the content available here is free of cost. It doesn’t have that many contents in comparison to ESPN, WatchSportOnline but it’s also worth a look.

It is being sponsored by an energy drink which is generally being shown in ads everywhere on TV, thus making it more popular. The main attractive contents here are sports-related content, biking, skating, and many more. Recently, the site is more developing and many new sporting events and contents are also being added up.

5. Sportlemon

Sportlemon is an ads-free NBA streaming free website. It has many free links to sports sites. It is totally free, and it has no paid system which means more fun without any hesitation. You can stream exciting sports activities and sports matches like cricket, basketball, football, baseball, soccer, and many more.

When you visit the homepage of this website, you will get the schedule of all the varied reside matches. It offers easy, fast, and safe tools for users for watching sports online for free and with HD quality. Overall, it’s a great website where you can share your link to the sports events for free and can stream any number of live matches for free.

6. Hulu

Hulu provides the best NBA streaming services for free. It has more up-to-date TV shows which are really helpful. If you are looking for the best option, then the best NBA streaming channel for free is Hulu to install it on your computer.

But the most annoying part about Hulu sites is just that it has a lot of commercials which is generally for national brands offer during its content. To conclude, if one wants to have access to all the TV shows, one must adapt to Hulu. It has also a live TV plan where you can watch both local and national sports for free.

7. VipBox

There are many live NBA streaming sites, but VipBox is one of the live Football TV streaming sites that allow you to watch football matches anywhere at any time. One can watch his/her miss out on football matches and this platform also enables you to watch live football matches for free.

Thus, it’s a free live NBA streaming online website. It has the option to change the quality so that even a person with a slow internet connection might not face any problem watching any matches.

It not only allows cricket and football lovers to have fun, but baseball lovers can also take advantage of it. If one wants to get access to each and every content, then you are in a need to access the tickets in VIP boxes. This website is very similar to Vip League.

8. Fubo TV

Another website dedicated to streaming NBA matches. You can watch live matches or enjoy the highlights if somehow you missed the match. It’s pretty convincing and convenient as never before. It’s easy to get rid of since you only need to register before binging an NBA match.

It is accessible online in form of an application or web page. Its only limitation is that it’s range ban making it hard to access, though not impossible. It offers HD streaming at nominal costs so if you can afford it, then it makes one of the best platforms to cheer for your favorite NBA team with your family.

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LiveTV is a free web-based portal for getting the live streaming of the ongoing matches and tournaments of NBA across the different areas of the world.

On this website, sign-up is not compulsory. You can watch streams free of cost and also without sign up but if you want to buy a subscription then you have to sign up on this website.

The main advantage here is that you can enjoy the free streaming of most of the top popular matches and tournaments that are currently played in several parts of the world. So yeah, good option for you if you’re running low on budget and need to binge some world-class NBA matches.

10. MamaHD

Another generic streaming website that pirates NBA event footage and makes it convenient for the general public to access it via the OTT platform is the MamaHd free NBA streaming services.

Its servers store the footage in the cloud so it’s comparatively easy to access. Plus, it supports mirror sites so that the viewers don’t face any problems when traffic is at its peak. It is very well managed and it’s a comprehensive site for watching NBA.
It is also one of the NBA streaming sites to watch NBA games live.

11. Redstream Sports

Redstream sport is an example of an independent OTT platform where apart from the companies, normal users are given the chance to upload something of their own thus, making it one of the suitable sites for watching NBA matches.

And the cherry on the cake is its unmatched user experience. One of the main features of these sites is that it’s free and accessibility on all platforms allows other people to stream their favorite NBA matches over the clock. It adapts and tailors itself according to what the user needs. So you can just start binging your favorite NBA match right on the go.

12. BossCast is a most popular live sports streaming site that allows you to watch all your favorite NBA sports events anytime anywhere, even on any device. It features 130 streaming channels, and you can watch any sports-related tournaments there.

On the homepage, all assorted scheduled resided matches are being given. It is the most alluring source of options, especially for cricket, basketball, and baseball matches. Each one has many NBA live streaming channels and shows. It is also one of the NBA streaming sites to watch NBA games live.

13. Sony LIV

Sony LIV is one of the best NBA streaming sites where you can watch all online TV activities. It allows you to watch news, sports, TV shows, series, and all live activities in one place with just a click. Here, one can get access to all cricket games which one has missed. It broadcast all the major highlights of ICC events.

The premium feature is also available for those who want to access certain shows, movies, and series. In addition, it not only features cricket matches but it is also famous for football matches with leagues and tournaments. Here, one can watch comedy shows, web series, on-demand movies, and BBC news.

14. Joker Live Stream

Watch live NBA on your mobile phone for free. You can watch NBA live streaming matches without any payment of fees and subscriptions. Get yourself updated about NBA scores, news, and much more from the football world.

You can watch all international premiers, leagues, events, and tournaments for free of cost and the best part is that you can watch them in HD quality. It’s a kind of generic do it service. It’s good if you are using a below-average phone in aa below an average city. Overall, it is good for normal folks.

15. CricFree

When it comes to free sports streaming sites the best source of option that should strike into your mind is cricfree. The interface of the website makes it really attractive especially for NBA enthusiasts. On the homepage, there is a schedule for the upcoming matches. The links are updated to the latest version and are always working, you just need to have a good internet connection.

They show few ads in between the videos but the users usually don’t have any issues with the ads. It allows you to stream for many sports events such as soccer, rugby, cricket, and many more and as much as you can.

16. NBC Sports

NBC Sports is one of the dedicated NBA streaming channels for free of cost.
It broadcasts a wide array of sports events ranging from cricket, football, baseball, rugby to NFL, NHL, Premier League Soccer, and many more.

This is the most recommend source if you are a fan of US professional sports leagues and looking for NBA streaming sites. Apart from living matches, you can also see content relating to sports like baseball, soccer, and many more. If you have a Fox Sports active subscription, then you can see each live match and can get access to all additional features without any additional charges.

17. FromHots

FromHOT’s provides access to a variety of sports streaming with HD quality. The best part of FromHot is that it’s not just restricted to being a directory of sports channels linking you to third-party websites, they do so for movies and TV channels as well. The site offers highlights as well in case you don’t have enough time, but you too don’t want to miss any matches.

This website provides you comprehensive highlights from all the recent NBA fixtures. Basically, it’s a free meal, you can enjoy as much as you want and as many as you can. It’s pretty easy to access the site as well. The individual just needs to come up with a quirky username and password. That is enough for anyone to enjoy a fine evening with their favorite NBA match.

18. WatchSportOnline

By the name we understand that the site, watch sport online is one of the best and free website where free live streaming of sports are shown. The foremost advantage of the site is that it doesn’t require any monthly fees.

One can get all the information related to sports activities and can watch every movement of sport online through this website. By this website, one should get connected virtually to every sport like cricket, badminton, hockey, table tennis, boxing, soccer, and many more.

One can engage themselves in watching sports at any convenient time, the only main thing is that they should have a correct internet connection. This website is totally free NBA streaming sites and one can see this anywhere anytime without any payment.

19. Laola1

LaOla1.TV is a great online sports channel that broadcasts various live sports events including the famed NBA. What’s interesting is that LaOla1 is free NBA streaming sites. But if you want access to more beneficial benefits then you can also go for paid subscriptions. However, the free streams are more than sufficient.

So overall it counts as a viable option if you want to stream NBA provided that you have a good network. It frequently is used by masses of people in third world countries because television still is a product luxury for them. Plus, it serves a better purpose in bringing mobile entertainment the boost it needs. People like enjoying the flexibility which comes in handy in cases of OTTs.

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20. JioTV

Jio tv is a top OTTs platform and among the best NBA Streaming Sites. One of the most alluring features of JioTV is that you can just log in once instead of logging into different apps separately. You can even vote or poll for your favorite contestants in reality shows.

You can even download your favorite shows and series and can see as and when you get time. Furthermore, the real-time comparison of the votes in favor, and the percentage will be displayed on the screen. Jio tv is very portable as it can be used and accessed anytime anywhere from the ease of our comfort and our fingertips.

21. DAZN

DAZN is a live NBA streaming site which when introduced was operated on a small scale and was available to only Germans and Australians. After that, it got developed and was spread to all the countries over the world. It is free for one month and if you want to continue for more than one month, then you must buy a subscription.

On that one watch, you can watch NBA games for free such as cricket, wrestling, and many more but it mainly focused on fighting sports. It is one of the most dedicated live streaming website which allows you to watch live and on-demand sport on any handy devices anywhere at any time.

FAQs Related To Free NBA Streaming Sites

Is It Safe To Watch NBA Games Online Free?

There are a lot of free NBA streaming sites and people customarily prefer them a lot and go one watching NBA games online for free of cost. Many NBA streaming sites have been banned for this purpose and those sites are scams and are giving false offerings and are trapping people by giving them bait.

So, people must detect which sites are safe enough to watch NBA games online for free and which are not. I generally prefer them to watch them on TV but the above-mentioned sites are the safe ones, where you can watch NBA games online for free of cost with low quality and hassle.

How To Watch NBA Games For Free?

There are many ways to watch NBA games for free. In the above-mentioned sites, there are many NBA live streaming sites where you can see live matches absolutely free and with just a click. On TV also, you need to pay for seeing NBA games but there are many other preferable methods also.

If you have a fire stick then you can just download an app called “Players Klub” but that’s not for free. It charges $8 a month which is quite a minimal amount but in case you want it absolutely free just choose one site from the above-mentioned live streaming sites and detect their pros and cons and choose the best one as per your convenience.

What Are The Best NBA Streaming Sites?

There are many NBA streaming sites across the world and users can choose any one among them as per their convenience. But, I suggest that you should personally prefer above mentioned streaming sites because they are the top 20 NBA streaming sites. These are the dedicated live streaming sites and they are all free NBA sports streaming sites.

In all the above-mentioned sites, you will find fewer ads and fewer pop-ups during the content. They are the best streaming sites because they are free of cost and it doesn’t require any cable subscription as well as you don’t need to have to sign-up an account for accessing the services.

Is NBA Streaming Without Sign-Up Possible?

There are only a few NBA streaming sites where streaming without sign-up is possible. But after some period of time, you need to sign -up for accessing many other benefits. A cable subscription is not needed for any sites but only for a short period of time.

On the above-mentioned sites such as NBA League Pass, Fubo TV, WatchSportOnline, you don’t need to sign -up but if you do sign-up with an account then you will be opened up to more beneficial services. Generally, sign-up is required and if you want to see nationally television games then you need to have a cable subscription too.

Is There Any Free Streaming Sites For NBA Mobile?

There are many NBA streaming sites which are not accessible in handy devices and even if they are accessible they are many problems such as network issue and also the site doesn’t work properly with low quality and a lot of hassle.

But the above-mentioned sites can easily be accessible on handy devices such as mobile, laptop, PC, and many more. There are the best NBA streaming sites for watching sports and games and can be run on mobile without any degradation in quality, but you just need to have a good internet connection.

Handy devices especially mobile offer many features relating to the quality of the content, speed facility, timings, and many more. You can just swipe up ads and can remove them and even if they pop-ups you just need to wait for 4-5 seconds instead of a long gap of 5-6 minutes.

Final Words

So these were some of the best NBA streaming sites like Buffstreams that can be used to watch NBA games live online without downloading any software or app. There are many websites to watch NBA online without paying available out there but not all of them are safe to use. Instead of using any random website, you should consider using the sites mentioned on this page.

We will keep the list updated with more websites to stream NBA online, so keep visiting Central Viral to know about them. If you are facing any issues in using any website mentioned on this page or you know about any other working free NBA streaming sites, then let us know about them via the comments below.


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