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KissCartoon Alternatives | Sites Like KissCartoon [2023]

KissCartoon is one such site that is known to be a leading platform for cartoon shows and movie streaming. Kiss Cartoon has various kinds of cartoon shows, ranging from anime to classic cartoon series. users can watch any content on this online streaming site without paying a single penny.

KissCartoon doesn’t require any kind of registration to watch content on its website. The user interface of Kiss Cartoon looks eye-catching. The interface is easily navigational. Shows and movies are properly divided into sections and subsections. Users can even download content from KissCartoon to watch later. This online streaming site is safe to access.


We all were addicted to cartoons at a certain point in our life. It was like a daily routine to come back from school and sit in front of the TV and watch our favorite cartoons. Those were the golden times of our life. Cartoon shows have evolved with time, and their platforms also changed.

There are many cartoon streaming platforms available on the internet. Users can stream any cartoon show or movie on their computer or smartphone with an active internet connection. These platforms provide various kinds of cartoon shows and movies on its platforms. Users can watch any cartoon movie or a show by just clicking on it.

What Is KissCartoon

KissCartoon is an online anime and cartoon site. This site is well designed for the convenience of viewers. This online streaming site provides cartoon and anime streaming in HD quality. For the convenience of users, KissCartoon has divided anime, cartoon shows, and series and cartoon movies based on their genre.

This streaming site is free because of the advertisements available on it. Users will get the contents without any charges but they will have to cope with ads on the page. Users can even use an ads blocker to get protected from random and unnecessary ads.

Is It Safe To Use KissCartoon

KissCartoon is a hundred percent safe to access. Users don’t need to worry before accessing this online anime and cartoon streaming site. KissCartoon work as a host to different servers.

These servers generally store the contents and KissCartoon is like a bridge between the server and the Viewer. Although viewers will have to cope with random ads, that is manageable because that’s how this online Streaming site makes a profit.

This online streaming is among the top sites for cartoons and Anime. Owing to its flexible design and easy-going interface, this site is the most convenient for new users too.

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KissCartoon Alternatives | Sites Like KissCartoon


KISSANIME is one of the best alternatives to the KissCartoon site. There are thousands of anime shows and movies available on this site. Users can even download any of their favorite shows on this site in HD quality.

This site allows users to stream content at a fast speed. There are varieties of cartoon shows available on this site. Almost all kinds of anime content available are on kissanime.

On this platform, Users won’t need to pay any money to view shows on kissanime. All the movies and shows can be viewed without the requirement of a subscription. The user interface is pretty good and easily accessible. Users can easily search for their favorite cartoon shows and movies on it.


This site is one of the newest among all the cartoon streaming platforms. Users can enjoy their favorite cartoon shows and movies by searching with the keywords of a particular show or movie.

Most of the shows and anime content available on it can be watched with English subtitles. Users can also stream newly released movies on this site.

This is one of the famous American anime streaming sites. users can even watch and enjoy all the cartoon shows and movies free of cost. Besides being an illegal site, users can access the site safely and watch cartoon shows and movies without any worry. Most of the shows available on this site are free and can be streamed in HD quality.


This is the best alternative to the kisscartoon in many ways. This cartoon streaming site is quite popular among kids. There are uncountable numbers of cartoon shows and movies are available on it.

It is like a universe of anime shows, movies, and cartoons. The user interface is primarily made for kids, it looks vivid and animated. Even though this site is meant for kids, Users can even watch their favorite shows and movies.

DISNEYNOW requires a paid subscription to watch all the cartoon shows and videos on it. There are a lot of free cartoon shows and movies available on this online streaming site. It is the best cartoon streaming site for kids.


Cartooncrazy is the most accurate alternative to the kisscartoon site in many ways. This cartoon streaming platform is known for its understandable user interface and easy-to-use design.

There no ads interface on cartooncrazy, which makes it user-friendly and best for a long hour watching platform. Users will not get unwanted ads while watching their favorite cartoon shows and movies.

It has a large collection of cartoon movies and shows on it. sub-sections of anime contents are properly arranged on this cartoon streaming site.
Cartoon shows and movies are regularly updated on this site. This site also offers cartoon shows in subbed as well as dubbed versions. It has more than 11.5 million monthly active users.

Cartoon Network

This is not just a platform to stream cartoons. It is more like a nostalgic emotion for 90s kids. We all grew up watching cartoon networks. There is a strong connection between kids as well as adults with cartoon networks.

Cartoon network was earlier available on television. But with the technology change, it is also available on the internet. There are a lot of famous shows and movies available on Cartoon Network. It is far better than kisscartoon in verities of ways.

This is the birthplace of prominent cartoon shows. Cartoon Network is more like an elder God of all these cartoon streaming sites. kids and adults can watch their favorite shows and movies on cartoon networks without any interruption.


This site is a premium cartoon streaming site among all the cartoon streaming sites. it can be a good alternative to KissCartoon in many ways. Like viewers won’t need to sign up to watch their favorite cartoon shows or movies on it.

It has an abundance of cartoon shows and cartoon movies on it. 9Anime regularly updates the latest cartoon shows on its website. According to the watching preference of a viewer, 9anime recommends shows or movies based on it.

It is really easy to use and users can stream cartoon shows and movies in high quality. It also notifies the viewer about new shows as well as half-seen shows (left in the middle).

Disney Junior

If there is any platform which most recommends and famous after cartoon network, then it is Disney network and its different platforms. This was one of the most diversified and extensive cartoon platforms.

In the old days when there were no smartphones and limited internet connection. People used to watch cartoons on televisions. Disney Junior is basically for small kids and children. It has a large number of kids’ cartoon shows on its server. Viewers can easily search for their favorite show and enjoy streaming high quality.

The user interface is very attractive and eye-catching. It is known for its huge collection of old and new cartoon shows. It is predominantly designed and developed for little kids.


The name of this cartoon show platform is enough to make someone divulge in the old memory lane. For 90s kids, it was the most adventurous and enjoyable television channel. It has a vast variety of eye-catching shows.

It is one of the most popular carton channels. It is like God of all the cartoon streaming shows. Now in the internet era, it is also available on the internet. Viewers can watch their favorite old as well as new shows on it.

The user interface is nostalgic and easy to use. Many of its shows help children and kids learn an interactive thing with the help of cartoons. It is on the top list of cartoon shows with cartoon networks and Disney owing to its long-term contending attitude.


This site is one of the most famous cartoon streaming sites. In recent years it has gained a lot of popularity because vast section of cartoon shows and movies. There is an uncountable number of cartoons shows and movies available on AnimeToon.

This site allows the user to stream in high-definition quality as well as users won’t need to subscribe or signup to view their favorite cartoon shows or movies. There are more than three million active monthly users who access and watch their favorite shows on this site.

Cartoon shows and cartoon movies are available in subbed as well as a dubbed version. viewers will get a simple user interface and shows and movies are divided into sub-section for the convenience of the streamers. This site is specially developed for kids, which means it is easy to use.


This is the best option for viewers to watch any paid cartoon show and movies. Although it is the least famous among all the cartoon streaming sites, owing to its distinct feature, a lot of viewers prefer KimCartoon over other cartoon streaming sites.

The user interface is pretty basic and easy. In case if a user gets blocked from a prominent cartoon and anime streaming site.

This Cartoon and anime site can be the best option. Viewers must go for it, if they want to watch paid cartoon shows.

Final Words kisscartoon

There is no doubt in the fact that KissCartoon is a prominent streaming site. Although there are certain limitations with this online streaming site. KissCartoon is accessible in limited countries.

It can be accessed in a certain part of the world. Users will have to use VPN or opt for an alternative site to KissCartoon. There are several alternatives to KissCartoon available on the internet but none of them are as good as the KissCartoon alternatives we have mentioned in this post.

Some of these sites are far much better and convenient than KissCartoon. All these alternative sites are free to stream any content. although some of the alternatives may have unwanted ads. But that is comprehensible because of the availability of free content on their platform.

We will keep this post updated with more sites like KissCartoon, so keep visiting Central Viral to know about it. If you are facing any issues in using KissCartoon alternatives 2021, then you can ask us for help via the comments below.

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