10+ Best NHL66 Alternatives For NHL Online Streaming

NHL66: NHL is one of the most popular sports tournaments out there and people from all over the world watch it. If you’ve been a fan of NHL then you might have tried to watch it online. Well, you are not alone if you have searched for the best NHL streaming websites on the internet.

A lot of sports streaming sites are providing links and portals to stream NHL leagues online but not all of them are free. A website named NHL66 was the best source of free online NHL streaming but it is not taken down by the officials. Now, it provides only betting-related services on NHL tournaments and matches.


This post tells you about some of the best NHL66 alternatives you can find on the internet. These websites like NHL66 will allow you to watch NHL online for free. If you don’t like paying for streaming services, then you can’t find anything better than these services right now.

We have tried using all of the services mentioned on this page and they are working pretty fine. Not only NHL but you can use them to watch other sports too. So, don’t wait and start using these free NHL sports streaming websites like NHL66 to watch your favorite NHL tournaments and matches online without paying anything.

What Is NHL66?

NHL66 was one of the most popular and widely used free NHL streaming websites around the world. The website was launched to allow NHL lovers to watch their favourite sport online without paying anything. Live streaming links of every NHL match were provided on this website until it got copyright strikes from different paid streaming platforms.

The owners of the NHL66 website decided to take down the streaming service and turned their website into an NHL betting platform. Nowadays it is being used to bet on NHL tournaments and matches. The regular NHL66 users have started moving to NHL66 alternatives that provide similar features to this website.

Free Websites Like NHL66 & NHL 66 Alternatives


Footybite is one of the most preferred NHL 66 alternative streaming service for people who love to stream football live. This site covers almost all the major football events which also includes the La Liga and so on which can be streamed online and that too for free. With this site, one has access also to watch the MLS and the EPL games. This site offers a lot of URLs so if some of them don’t work we can always switch to the other. Also, this site offers live stream URLs,30 minutes before any match which adds to its advantage. The interface of this site is brilliant and the transmission frequency is brilliant.


FromHot is considered to be one of the best NHL66 alternatives. It is among the most preferred sites among sports enthusiasts to stream sports online and that too for free. The initial impression of this site will be brilliant as the interface of the site is very elegant and easy to operate. This site is free of any kind of advertisements which makes it one step ahead of its competitors. The color grading of this site is also very catchy and attractive. Other than football this site offers a wide variety of sports to choose from which includes tennis, golf, hockey, baseball, cycling, and many more.


This is among the best alternatives to NHL66. It offers live broadcasts so that you can enjoy live events from the luxury of you sitting at home and enjoying the stream. The best part is that it is free and it does come with a very simple and efficient interface. Also, you don’t have to register on this site to use the services which it provides. This site offers sports in many categories, including hockey, football, basketball, tennis, and much more. It does give a catalog to its users for all the forthcoming sports events. This site has a very high speed and the image quality is also very good. It is also legally verified.


Crackstreams has got many reasons why it should be listed as an alternative to NHL66. Crackstreams can be entitled as the most preferred and one of the most efficient live streaming website. It also gives its services in many other sports categories which also include basketball, football, boxing, and much more. This site mainly focuses on boxing events and also MMA and UFC. The interface is very elegant and new visitors to this site can also easily adapt to this site very efficiently. The image quality it provides is also very good.


This site is one of the best alternatives to NHL66, especially in India which gives access to its users to stream live sporting events online. It offers a wide range of sports to its users which includes rugby, motorsports, WWE, MMA, and cricket. The interface of this site is excellent and can be easily operated. One can stream this site for free too without any subscription but streams without any subscription will last only for five minutes so it is recommended to take its subscription and enjoy its services.

CricHD Live

Crichd is a very popular streaming site, it is mostly famous in the cricket circuit but it does offer other live sporting events to its users.CricHD live has a very efficient interface and it’s very easy to use. It also has a lot to give besides these sports. Crichd has emerged heavily after the degradation of modbro which gave heavy competition to crichd.No sign-up is required, Ads are quite frequent on this site. It can be streamed on multiple devices and in any device of your choice.


FuboTV is the most famous IPTV provider which can be availed by sports enthusiasts. The FuboTV comes with a unique feature with it. It comes up with a seven-day free trial for its users who use it for the first time which is unique in itself.FuboTV comes up with three different plans. The most avail subscription plan by its users is the $64.99 per month plan which gives the user to avail of more than 107 channels and also DVR which can be used as per your choice. One thing to keep in mind is that it is not VPN friendly but the interface is quite easy to understand and the image quality is brilliant. This site can be streamed through any browser of your choice without any interference.


Streameast is also one of the most preferred sites among sports enthusiasts and is one of the best alternatives to NHL66. This is one of the best-emerging websites and is fuelling its way to fame among the people. It provides access to sports like boxing, basketball, hockey, football, and much more. Other URLs for this site are streameast. live and streameasts.com.The interface of this site is very clean and simple. The live feeds are always running on this site so you can stream them according to your convenience. The image quality is brilliant and it shows videos in full HD resolution. It also offers a premium version that does not feature any advertisements.

Batman Stream

One of the free websites that we would prefer you that is an excellent alternative to NHL66 is the batman stream. You will find this site very elegant at first and it is even divided into specific categories. So you will have a wide range of sporting events to stream from. It offers events in various sporting events like basketball, boxing, etc. It even doesn’t showcase a lot of ads. It is free and can be accessed from any browser of your choice. Make sure you have a good internet connection before visiting the site otherwise you will not enjoy the perfect image quality it offers. This site is very simple to operate. This site is also legally established. The service it offers is also very efficient.


SportsSurge is one of the most recommended sites for streaming sporting events which is a great alternative to NHL66 and that too for free.You will not face any advertisements on this site when you will be going through the interface of this site. Through this site, one can stream various sporting events which include football, boxing, hockey, MMA, basketball, and many more. The alternative URLs for this are sportsurge.live, sportsurge.club, sportsurge.net. A subscription is required to stream sport surge and it’s quite convenient to get its subscription, simply go to their online chat option and get your registration code. This site is very easy to operate and the interface is brilliant. The transmission speed is excellent.

Laola1 TV

This site is among the best upcoming sites that can work as an alternative to NHL66. This site is basically originated in Australia but you can still have the access to the site. This site offers a wide range of sports to stream which includes volleyball, badminton, basketball, table tennis, and football. The streaming speed is okay and the picture quality and the streaming quality is quite commendable and deserve appreciation. Football is the most famous sport on this platform and it also contains some region-locked sports that can only be accessed through a VPN.


MyP2P is a very well-known site among sports enthusiasts and it is a great alternative to NHL66. This site can be accessed both online and also on your television. This site offers a wide range of packages to choose from and it also provides special packages to its daily users. This site is quite user-friendly and the commands are very well organized. You can have the access to this site from any search engine of your choice. This site is very easy to handle and use and it is legal. The image quality of this site is also excellent and it does not even show many advertisements to its users.


Sportlemon is considered one of the smoothest platforms to stream various sporting events as it is very efficient and easy to use. This site must be on your list if you are a sports enthusiast and this site works as a great alternative to NHL66. This site is also free to use and the image quality is also top-notch. You can have the access to this site through any browser or any device. It provides free service 24 hours a day without any intervention with very little sign of advertisements. it is also very fast regarding all the reactions that this site offers to the given commands. It also provides a special catalog that lists all the information regarding upcoming events and races.


Bosscast is a site that can’t be missed on the list. It provides a range of options to stream online. Some other category includes hockey, boxing, golf, tennis, football, and much more. Bosscast does features a lot of ads but only for a short duration.Main reasons for it being Its alternative URL is the bosscast.eu.The transmission speed of this site is very good and the image quality which it possess is brilliant. This site is very easy to use and it is legally established too.

Redbull TV

Redbull TV is one of the most popular sites among sports enthusiasts where you can stream your favorite events live without any intervention. It is a great alternative to NHL66. This site is basically famous because of its adventure sports. It is very popular in showcasing sports such as motor racing, skating, snowboarding, surfing, and much more. You can stream it without any registration and the interference is quite an eye catchy. The main home screen of the site is made very elegant and the navigation is also made very attractive. This site is very simple to operate and the transmission speed is also quite high. The streaming quality is also top-notch.

Final Words NHL66

We have told you about the best NHL66 alternatives that you can use to watch NHL online for free. There are numerous sports streaming websites available on the internet but none of them is as good as the sites mentioned on this page. Not only you can use them to watch NHL online without paying but a lot more other sporting tournaments too.

The list of sites like NHL66 will be kept updated with new NHL streaming websites, so keep visiting this page to know about them. If you are new to these types of websites and looking for help in using them, then you can contact us regarding it. Also, do let us know about more such sites like NHL66 if you have used them before.


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