10+ Rojadirecta Alternatives | Sport Sites Like Roja Directa Proxy/Mirror

Rojadirecta : Football is the most popular game in the world, and it is not surprising that many fans, unable to attend matches or even watch them on TV, want to watch them online. Here we will tell you how and where to watch live football matches on the Internet so that you do not miss any football events.

The craze of football is perpetually increasing day by day. Recently Argentina rises as champion and everyone’s favorite Lionel Messi was credited for the grand victory. Argentina defeated Brazil by 1-0 in the finals of Copa América. Fans from all around the world are cheering for the bewitching victory of Argentina over Brazil.


Well, streaming live football is becoming easier and better these days as you can even watch live football matches directly from social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. But there are a handful of apps you can use for live football streaming.

However, a lot of people think that data saving depends on the quality of streaming you choose. There are numerous app and sports streaming websites available on the internet that buffers very fast and let you select streaming quality which in turns going to save you data though programmed in Arabic. There are uncountable ways by which you can stream a live match on your device.

What Is Rojadirecta?

Rojadirecta is a sports streaming platform that has got distinct recognition among the fans of football from all around the world. Although there are numerous other sports links available but Rojadirecta football is the most popular one.

Rojadirecta is a proxy site and it contains a lot of ads. So the best way by which one can get protected against unwanted ads by using an ad blocker. Streaming is really easy and each link of a particular ongoing sport can be found at the top of the website. Apart from football, NBA and MMA are the most popular sport on Rojadirecta.

Sports You Can Watch On Rojadirecta

It is one of the most commendable sports streaming sites available on the internet. Rojadirecta is particularly known for streaming football. This site provides a high-speed live stream of ongoing football matches. Live streams can be watched in HD quality and it doesn’t require any subscription charges to stream any live sport.

Rojadirecta is the best website to watch any sporting event live. It gives you many options like HD streaming, live chat while streaming, and stream on multiple devices. So, you can choose anyone you want depending on the quality or speed that you prefer.

Rojadirecta Alternatives | Sites Like Rojadirecta Proxy/Mirror


Futbolonline.tv is the best streaming channel, although there are lots of ads available on the stream of this website. So just wait for the few countdown seconds to finish than the ad will close after you can press play and start watching.

This website holds streams of some of the popular sports like football, NBA, and MMA. (Note: some channels will not have any ads so you can press play directly, and some will never play so you will have a huge option of channels to choose from so if one doesn’t work you can always try a different one).

Batman Stream

BatmanStream.tv is quite popular for its fast and HD streaming services. It’s generally pretty decent for anyone to manage to watch a lot of games at a time. The user interface of this site is bit complex.

Streaming of live sports is free and it doesn’t require any subscription charges to live stream an ongoing game. Although, you will get through a pop-up here and there before streaming, usually you shouldn’t have any problems with it as it offers you several links to streams. To get rid of annoying pop-ups, use an ad-blocker and enjoy your favorite sport live.

Sofa Score

Sofa score is another best alternative to Rojadirecta, It provides live streams of football and other sports. It covers other sports but is very detailed for football. Live score, live team pressure graphs i.e., which team is mounting pressure, live possession, gives video link to watch goals scored immediately.

Viewers can access in-game ratings, post-game player ratings, and data on player form over past seasons in all matches in all leagues. You can pick a prediction before a match, you can choose your favorite team, league and get all notifications, you can also track a game for notifications. You have the choice to regulate the frequency of notification.


This streaming site provides live links to various ongoing sports. LacasadelTikiTakaTv.me streaming site just puts streams under one roof so you can pick anyone you would like to watch.

This is a proxy site, which means all the live streams available on this platform are free. Although streams are gathered on this site from genuine sources. The Premier League organizers do not get any revenue from illegal streams.

Further, these streams do make quite a bit of revenue from the advertisement that is scattered all across their page. Pop-ads can be observed in the middle of live streaming. Ad-blocker can help you get rid of the pop-ups.


If you’re a die-hard football fan then you wouldn’t mind spending few bucks for a Hotstar subscription. Their quality is really good and even on 2mbps speed you can watch in HD without any lag and you don’t have to waste your time searching the best link every time your club is playing.

Hotstar gives a 1-month free offer for any plan that you take. So, to take the cheapest option, buy 1 month’s subscription for the prescribed amount and you’ll get one more month free. So that means you will get 2 months of the subscription in a one-month payment.

Pirlo. TV

This website is an optimum alternative to Rojadirecta in many ways. One of the important features of this live streaming site is its availability on multiple devices. It is also available for android users. The site also provides a direct link to the ongoing sport.

It connects to your Facebook account so you can save your preference and access it on any device. The android version is cool and has lots of features. Although iOS users can directly go to the site from their browser and stream their favorite with just one click.


This alternative to Rojadirecta has multiple features and a diverse collection of sports. Elitegol.Tv is one of the websites which can be accessed all over the world. Maybe in some parts of the world, this website resists work. Users from those areas can use VPN to stream their favorite sport via EliteGol.Tv.

This streaming platform consumes very little data to stream any live match. This streaming website has numerous sports listed on its web page. Listed sports are categorized into different sections. Football and basketball are some of the popular sports streamed through this website.


This site is containing streaming links to all the ongoing sport around the world. It works as a bridge between the telecasting service and broadcasting service. It provides a direct link to the channels of live matches.

Although it is a proxy site, it is completely safe to access. Users don’t need to log in or sign-up to watch any stream. Just go to the site and click on the link for a live sport and enjoy. The user interface is pretty basic but easily navigational.

Sling TV

If you are looking for a website that offers the same features and functionalities as Rojadirecta, then your search ends here. This site is pretty the same as Rojadirecta in features. The most streamed sport on this platform is Football.

Like Rojadirecta, this is also a proxy site. Users can access the live stream of an ongoing sports event with just one click. Navigation is pretty easy on this site. Despite being a proxy site, this is safe to access and stream. Although ad pop-ups can be observed in the middle of streaming, they are very few in numbers.

YouTube TV

This is the most legit and genuinely working alternative to Rojadirecta. YouTube TV does not only stream a particular number of sports, rather there is an abundance of live sports streams available on it. This platform is genuine and it is not a proxy site. That means you will need to pay a subscription amount to watch any ongoing sport.

Subscription charges are on a monthly and quarterly basis. You can opt for a subscription plan owing to your preference. It is the most widely used platform for live streaming sports around the world.

Rojadirecta Final Words

Most Internet service providers allow their customers to access football matches and other sporting events. In most cases, the opportunity to watch the match of your favorite team requires an additional fee. There are also many sites where you can watch online broadcasts of football matches.

You can contact sports platforms, which are also broadcast online football matches. P2P programs such as SopCast or TVAnts allow you to get free access to TV channels that broadcast live football games. If you prefer to watch matches on the Internet rather than on TV (the desired game may not be broadcast on TV), you should have a verified source for viewing.

The above-mentioned alternatives of Rojadirecta are best in their respective class. All the mentioned alternatives work completely fine and most of the mentioned websites are free. That means you won’t need to pay any subscription charges to stream any live sports. On some of these websites, there are features of betting.

Those sites will give you the option to pick a prior game and connects to other users’ win-loss opinions before the match. There may be annoying ads pop up in the middle of live streaming. A good and working ad blocker plugin will sort out your issue of annoying ads and you can enjoy your favorite sport without any disturbance.


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