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Rabbit Alternatives: There are very few sites available on the internet that gives features and options like Rabb.it. Talking about Rabb.it, it is a video and movie streaming site. This site has a collection of the latest movies as well as old-time classical movies. This is the best platform for binge-watchers and movie lovers. It is a web-based platform. Users can stream and even download any movies, web series, and videos without any inconvenience. There are several reasons behind the rapid growth of Rabb.it is one of the best streaming platforms on the internet. One of the reasons is its user interface and the vast collection of contents.

Rabbit Alternatives

Rabb.it is a free streaming platform and its user interface is neat and standardized. Users won’t face any kind of trouble while looking for content on this streaming site. Everything is perfectly arranged in the right way. Contents on Rabb. are arranged in sections and sub-sections according to the genre.  The download option is also available on this site. There are a lot of alternatives to Rabb.it is available on the internet. Some are far much better than this streaming site, while some are just in the league. Today we will have a precise look at the alternatives to Rabb.it.

What Is Rabbit

Rabb.it is a platform where users can stream their favorite movies and shows. Users can watch movies and shows along with their friends and relatives on this streaming site. This online site allows the user to share the screen with around 100 people and 20 people can share their camera on screen. With its premium subscription, users will get an ad-free streaming experience on this streaming site along with HD screen casting and pictures in picture mode. Rabb.it is one of the best platforms to host a virtual party. Although all the basic feature is accessible free of cost on Rabb.it.

Is It Safe To Use Rabbit

It is safe to use and watch any content on rabb.it. users don’t need to worry while streaming any content on Rabb.it. Although ads on the page can create a disturbance while streaming any movie or show. Better not to click on those unwanted ads. To avoid ads, users can avail subscription plan. On the other hand, Rabb.it alternative sites for streaming movies and web series can be troublesome at some point. Users must have a piece of proper knowledge about the respective alternative of Rabb.it before accessing it.

Rabbit Alternatives | Sites Like Rabbit


Invited is one of the best alternatives of Rabbit. it provides streaming of movies and web shows in HD. This site is free and safe to access. There are a lot of movies and shows available on this site. Users can even use the private browser available on it. All kinds of the website can be accessed through this platform. There is an option by which a user can create room to use INVITED as a virtual browser. Users can create room and up to 50 people maximum. This site also offers a chat option that is integrated into the site. Along with that users can control sharing according to the requirement. It also offers updated content on its site.


This site provides an abundance of videos and movies. It has more than a hundred thousand different shows and movies. Users can have access to all the shows and movies free of cost. This rabbit.it alternative is best to host a video stream party. Users can have the option to select streamparty. There are two kinds of parties available on this site. The public and private. Public stream party is free and allows to add up to 50 50 individuals. The site is free and users can stream for unlimited hours on public streamparty. This is the best platform to enjoy with friends and family. Videos and movies can be watched together even though participants are from different countries.


Kosmi is the best alternative to Rabb.it in many ways. Users can host or join a virtual party on this site without paying any penny. This is the best platform to hang out with family and friends. Users can even talk and share the screen with their friends via webcam. It also allows sharing tabs of browser and screencast. With this option, users can show others everything going on his/her screen. This platform also allows the user to sync YouTube videos and use them to cast on screen. Videos of other platforms can also be synced on Kosmi. It has almost the same user interface as rabb.it. kosmi’s features are much more than that of Rab.it.


This alternative of Rabb.it provides the platform to host a virtual party. Users can easily conduct a video streaming party on Wathc2gether. This can be the best option to watch movies and shows with family and friends. Especially those family and friends who are living in distant places. Users won’t need to enter any credentials or signup on the watch2gether site to create chatrooms. Users can stream almost all the popular OTT platforms through Watch2gether. Streaming is really easy and convenient. The plus point about Watch2gether is, it provides full access without charging any penny. Although users are restricted to add third-party accounts. That means some of the OTT platforms can’t be stream and cast through Watch2gether.


Metastream is the best alternative to Rabb.it. it provides access to numerous other videos and shows. With its virtual party feature. Users can create room and add as many people as they want. This virtual party hosting site free to access and it is safe. It provides total control to cast and share the screen with friends and family. Users can also create a chat room to talk with their friends and relatives. Unlike other virtual streaming platforms, met stream allows to access and stream almost all the OTT platforms. There is one drawback of this site, it can’t allow the user to download the streaming videos or shows. If the user is okay with this drawback, it is one of the alternatives to Rabb.it


This site allows the user to stream almost all the videos and movie platforms. The user interface of this site is the best of all and it allows the users to access and stream any video or show without any subscription. users won’t need to pay a single buck to create a virtual party or stream a video or movies with friends. The best thing about this virtual streaming site is, it allows the user to host public as well as a private party, and both of these options are free. Users can even create a chat room and the best feature about the chat room is, the admin user can restrict a particular person to enter the chatroom.it also allows the chatroom participants to vote for a video.


Rave is the best or we can say much ahead alternative to Rabb.it. it is more like a social media platform than a video streaming platform. This site allows the user to host a virtual party and make a virtual social space to hang out with family and friends. Rave also allows the user to share a piece of a particular music or video file through it. It is a web-based platform but works completely fine on smartphones. Rave is available for android as well as IOS platforms. Users can share videos from almost all websites and OTT platforms. Users can even share videos from dropbox and google drive.

Netflix Party

Netflix Party is the most legal and legit virtual social streaming platform. Although it is not a website or app. It is an extension of the Google Chrome browser. This extension is developed by prominent developers and works very fine. After adding Netflix party extension to chrome browser. users can share streaming shows with family and friends. But to watch the stream, the user will also need to add Netflix Party Extension to its Google Chrome browser. The best this about this Rabb.it alternative is, it allows the user to share all the contents and shows of Netflix. Although other video and music platforms can’t be streamed through Netflix Party. It is the best option to share a favorite Netflix show and watch it together with friends and family.


Among all the alternatives of Rabb.it, ShareTube is the best alternative to Rabb.it in many ways. It allows the users to create chatrooms and add family friends. The user interface is pretty basic and easy to use. There are no complexities in streaming any video through it. Users can even chat while streaming videos with friends and family. Although it allows the user to only access and stream YouTube videos through it. All it needs is to copy a YouTube video URL and paste it into the ShareTube search box. There are limited features available on this site. But it is far much better than Rabb.it owing to its only streaming option and it won’t show non-sensical contents in the middle of streaming.


Parsec offers much more features and options than Rabb.it. it allows the user to stream videos as well as games. It is a game streaming platform. But it also provides an option to stream videos and shows. Users can create their chatrooms and chat with their friends and family while watching the video stream. Although it is a game streaming platform. There are limited functionalities to stream videos and movies. Although users can sync and stream any video from video platforms without any inconvenience. This is a basic social streaming site among all the streaming sites.

Final Words Rabbit

Although all the alternative of Rabb.it has a decent and plethora of contents. All the contents are available on these alternatives of Rabb.it is watchable and easily accessible. Although users must be aware while accessing any of the mentioned streaming sites. All the sites we have discussed above provide free content as well as download options. Some of these streaming sites show ads while some are ad-free. These streaming sites can be the best option to connect with friends and family. Some of these sites also provide an option to chat while streaming. This is all the information we have regarding Rabb.it.


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