Volokit Alternatives | Best Sites Like Volokit in 2023

    Volokit: Nowadays, you can watch almost any TV sport online as there are numerous sports websites available to stream and download. Now you don’t have to wait for your siblings or other house members to resign the TV remote to you to watch them, you can watch it anywhere and anytime just with a simple search.

    There are hundreds of sports streaming sites present on the web today that you can use seamlessly to fulfill your hunger. Plus you can find both free as well as paid sports sites to watch from. But there are also some fake sites that are just behind your money or personal information so stay clear of them.


    Looking back at the previous decade, people didn’t have the option to stream their favorite sports due to work and other chores. They had to wait and arrange a time for the live telecast only. But now the online industry has revolutionized. Nowadays people just watch their favorite matches traveling, doing work, or stuck in a boring meeting because all the good content is available online for them to watch anytime on their smartphones.

    And all these sports sites have a simple smooth user interface along with a responsive media player to provide a memorable experience. You can also adjust the captions, streaming quality, and volume according to your preferences. And one such amazing site is Volokit.

    What Is Volokit?

    Volokit is among the top streaming sites to watch football online. It has a very simple user-friendly interface which makes it an ideal place to gather football lovers throughout the world. It has many great features like an easy-to-navigate interface, multiple streaming links, a huge database, hassle-free navigation, etc.

    But it is highly possible that you won’t be able to access Volokit and enjoy its content because sites like these are likely to disappear or become unavailable because of law violations resulting in disbandment. That’s why we have 10 other such sites for you to watch your favorite sports online, but if is available, we recommend you to watch from there to cater to your streaming needs.

    Sports You Can Watch On Volokit

    Volokit has gained much popularity in recent times due to its huge database and availability of football tournaments and events happening all around the globe. And this site is adding more and more sports for streaming every day.

    Right now, more than 15 different sports and their sporting events can be watched live on this marvelous free-of-cost website. All you need to do is go to your smartphone and go to the official website of Volokit and search for your favorite sport to stream online. Some of the more popular sports available here are:

    • Football
    • NFL
    • Baseball
    • Basketball
    • Rugby
    • Boxing/WWE/UFC
    • Tennis
    • NBA
    • Hockey
    • UFC
    • WWE
    • Soccer

    Sites Like Volokit and Volokit Alternatives 2021

    1) Fox Sports Go

    Fox Sports Go is a subset of the popular Fox Sports Network. This website has to offer a library of live streaming links to your favorite sports matches and tournaments since Fox Sports is the official broadcaster of many sporting events. And even when it does not sponsor a particular sport, the website will provide the live match without any hassle.

    Fox Sports Go comes in an app version too for streaming on your smartphones. The app is easy to use and has a pretty good interface so you can find your favorite sports to stream seamlessly. Though the channel is not free for everyone, Fox Sports Go comes completely free of cost. All you need to do is register for the cable or satellite and watch any sports matches live online.

    2) Fromhot

    Fromhot is one of the more known alternatives to Volokit for online streaming of sports. This website has high-quality live streaming on the smart TV or smartphone/tablet. And it has a variety of sports to watch for its users. This site can be accessed from any corner of the world. The site has direct links to many sports channels like NFL and many other sports.

    With just one click, you can get to any channel and start streaming. And Fromhot is completely free of charge so you can access its vast content without worrying about your pocket. And the style of the homepage is very smooth and attractive. You won’t even have to spend more than minute understanding navigation on this website.

    3) Buffstreams

    Buffstreams is a place where you will find quality sports at a good quality streaming. It is known as the largest sporting hub for live streaming of matches. Popular sports like soccer, boxing, NBA, and NFL can be viewed on Buffstreams.

    The only con of using this site is the pop-up ads that come several times while streaming your favorite sport. But you won’t need a high-speed network connection in order to enjoy its live matches ad tournaments. It is the first one to bring the schedule and scores of every game going on in the world.

    4) Laola1

    Laola1 is an Austrian-based sports streaming website that offers sports events and tournaments from all over the globe to stream. Computer and mobile smartphone applications are also available for has a huge database to offer a lot of diverse sports. This site provides everything about NBA, be it the upcoming matches, players’ details, news, schedule, scores, and much more.

    Along with NBA, it has other games to stream like NFL, boxing, and UFC MMA. The best thing is that you won’t have to buy a subscription to Laola1 to watch its content. It comes free of charge and you can view live matches and stuff. It has all the info about various sports like tennis, formula 1, golf, football, cricket, athletics, rugby, cycling, etc.

    5) Watch ESPN

    Watch ESPN is an excellent alternative to Volokit when you find yourself in a pickle. Espn is one of the most widely spread networks around the world and everybody is aware of that. You may have heard of the website before if you’re a true sports lover. WatchESPN is recognized as a product of the ESPN networks and this website was made for broadcasting all sports present in the world.

    But some countries do not allow this website to function. So if you belong to one of those countries consider using a VPN before trying to access this website and watch sports online. Otherwise, it’s a great website.

    6) Bosscast

    Boss cast is an online streaming site that offers access to sports streaming just like Volokit very easily. It is a very sophisticated website where you can stream live matches and tournaments free of charge. It has a plethora of direct streaming links for every sport and game including American football, baseball, basketball, soccer, and many more.

    Boss cast is available to play on Android devices as well as iOS platforms. All you have to do is click on the respective link and of a particular sport that you want to watch and you’re good to go. And all these services come completely free of charge.

    7) VIP League

    VIPLeague is one of the most popular and trusted sports streaming sites all over the globe. Every sports fan knows its name. You won’t even have to search for your favorite sports as there are so many game streams available on this website. You’ll find all the sports events right in front of the homepage so no need to search.

    It has been blocked by some countries by the ISP and Government so if you are among them, use a goof VPN network to access this website, or try using VIP League with other domain extensions.

    8) CricFree

    Crickfree is mainly a cricket streaming website popular among cricket fans all over the world. But, it also offers streaming links to various other sports like Basketball, NFL, Baseball, Formula 1, Rugby, Boxing, WWE, etc. You may see ads in the middle of streaming as some of the content on CricFree is taken from third-party websites.

    Many countries have banned Cricfree but you can always access it using a VPN. Only one issue you may face with this website is the constant pop-up advertisements in the middle of streaming, but that can be resolved too.

    9) VIPROW

    This is like a mirror site to Volokit that provides a multitude of different ongoing live games and sports-related information. Moreover, VIPROW provides a variety of different sports servers according to your network strength. This site offers so many different games and tournaments to stream, like rugby, tennis, basketball, football, baseball, handball, motor, hockey, volleyball, etc.

    All these sports go live at a time and you can choose from any of them to watch at that moment. Users just need to access the website of VIPROW and search for their favorite sport and click any one of the links that appear. VIPROW doesn’t charge anything and its content comes free of cost to stream for anyone. Its interface is quite user-friendly and is a must-use site for all sports lovers.

    10) CBS Sports

    This website not only offers sports streaming for its users but also provides info regarding sports matches and the players playing in them. It includes most of the NBA, NFL, MLB, Football, NHL, MMA, NCAA, NGO, MMA, and so on. The app version of CBS Sports is also available for Android and iOS devices.

    All you need to do to watch its exclusive content is sign up on the website or app of CBS Sports and you are good to go. Here you can watch match highlights, live scores, commentary, schedule of upcoming matches, and many other trivia related to sports. CBS is a huge network, so it offers high-quality streaming and even some official streams for its users. – Final Words

    So, this was all we have gathered for sports streaming websites like Volokit and we hope that our readers have found it useful enough. There are a lot of different websites present on the internet where you can watch sports events without even registration, but the sites we have chosen are trustworthy and have regularly updated content.

    In these aforementioned sports streaming sites, you’ll find not just your favorite sports for free of cost to stream anytime and anywhere. Still, if you face any kind of issue regarding any of these sites, feel free to tell us, we’ll get back to it as soon as possible.

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