Top 12 Best Free VPN For Android Smartphone

VPN For Android: Understand why you actually need VPN on your smartphone device to browse internet. Speaking of VPN what are the functions of it? It can perform different things like giving you an access into restricted or blocked website into your region. Also helps your data to keep it safe and secure. Set your internet browse activities into hide mode, while you are connected into a public Wi-Fi connection. When you make an internet connection into any public, you may well aware that it does not provide secure network connection. VPNs stand for Virtual Private Networks is one of the best available security tools to browse internet.
Best VPN Apps For Android
Let us have a look on the details information of the Top 12 Best Free VPN for Android Smartphone 2021. VPN application is a necessary app in android phone, if you are engaged in doing internet banking or sending private or important documents. Installing the VPN on your phone gives you the access to browse the blocked website. It works very impressively as it allow you to change the location of the country. Check on the names of the best free VPN available for Android device that is given below in brief.

Top 12 Best Free VPN For Android Phone:

1# Opera Free VPN

Opera Free VPN is a great and awesome VPN for phone. this VPN allows you to block the ad trackers and give you the access to change the virtual location. It is one of the most fastest and trusted VPN services available for smartphone. Also it has the ability to provide secure connection to the public Wi-Fi network connection. Opera Free VPN comes up with a built-in ad tracker that blocks the unnecessary ads that pop ups on screen. Enjoy the finest way to access into your favorite websites.

2# Express VPN

Express VPN is one of the best Android VPN that is listed among the best free VPN for Android Smartphone. It provides to you a light fast service of VP services and that is log-free. Browse the internet today with complete security and get easy access to blocked websites. One must choose to install Express VPN as it very simple to handle and compatible in several devices. It provides to you several number of VPL locations that includes America, Asia, Africa, UK and lots more. This VPN application gives encryption along with UDP and TCP protocols. For many more reason Express VPN is one of the best VPN for our android phone.

3# Hola

Hola comes with the unlimited and free VPN allowing surfing internet with safety. It is one of the most unique VPN that provides an easy access into your favorite content. Hola is a free peer-to-peer VPN service provider to browse internet. Get access of any site by install this smartphone VPN app on your device. By using it you can browse internet into a private mode and anonymously. Switch any blocked websites in your country by changing the location of the website.

4# Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is a totally free to us VPN proxy service provider. At the same time you will experience the Wi-Fi security. It is one of the safest and reliable security VPN apps available for Smartphone. Easily unblock the geo-restriction contents and then secure the entire online activities. Hotspot shield provides the unparalleled VPN performances and covers up huge VPN.

5# Free & Premium VPN

Install Free & Premium VPN today to browse internet in a most secure way. Avoid being spied on the internet and protect the browsing data by setting your some privacy. Now you can easily prevent all the unexpected hacks when you make a connection into the public Wi-Fi Hotspot connection. Easily unblock the restricted website into your region by changing the browsing location. In Free & Premium VPN it helps to encrypt all the data that you have send or receive. Advance the connectivity of internet speed and lots more.

6# Betternet VPN Proxy

Betternet VPN proxy is a free and Wi-Fi security provider. It gives a free and unlimited Virtual Private Network proxy for Smartphone. And there is no need to make any type of registration for using it on your device. The free version has no add-block support and the premium upgrade offers to you unlimited VPN and add-free support. By using it you can unblocked the blocked or restricted website. And Keep your device data safe and secure while making an internet connection into public hotspot network.

7# Turbo VPN

Turbo VPN comes with the unlimited free VPN on your Android phone. It gives you fast internet connection and is very to connect to the VPN proxy server. And this VPN app offers to you free cloud proxy server and provide excellent services. Also Turbo VPN has the access to bypass the firewalls into the free public Wi-Fi network connectivity. Using it you will be able to get access into the restricted website.

8# F-Secure Freedom VPN

In this era privacy and security is very essential especially when you surf internet. Keep private on the public Wi-Fi hotspot connection and encrypts the data files. F- Secure Freedom VPN allows you to browse internet without the geo-blocks along with the total digital freedom. It has an elegant design and is very rich in its features. Enjoy the unlimited bandwidth with no restrictions and complete digital freedom.

9# SuperVPN

SuperVPN is an excellent VPN client that comes totally free. It is very easy to handle and need only one touch for connecting to VPN. Enjoy the unlimited bandwidth and also the limitless free trail time. It is a must app on your smartphone to enjoy security and safety browsing. Easily unblock any of the restricted websites available into your region. There is no limitation set for speed and bandwidth location. To use Super VPN there is no registration required.

10# Hideman VPN

Hideman VPN provides to you an easy solution to maintain privacy while surfing internet. It is very simple and easy to use and you can browse any blocked website. Change the location of the place from where you are browsing internet. Simply hide your IP and no one will know from which region you are surfing. It also removes the banners and then the available tacking system in your internet browser.

11# Speed VPN

Speed VPN is perhaps one of the best VPN clients on this list and is totally free. With just one you can choose the several locations. It offers to you unlimited free time of using along with the premium bandwidth. By using Speed VPN the user can unblock the geographically restricted websites. This VPN app also helps to boost the internet in your device. To use it there is no need of making any registration and no settings is necessary.

12# TunnelBear VPN

By using TunnelBear VPN on your smartphone you can browse internet by choosing the location of another country. It is compatible into many devices be it Android or iPhone or tablet. This application smartly encrypts the internet data and kept it safe from hackers. Enjoy the use of more than 22 countries with super-fast speed. You can get access into the blocked websites of your region easily with VPN.  It is very simple and easy to use.


These are list of top 12 best free VPN list with step by step guide and photos for you. In this list Free VPN for Android Smartphone 2021 we have concluded all the necessary details. Choose any of the above mentioned VPN for your selected Android device and start using by today. All of the listed free VPN for your phone comes with excellent features and you must try using any one of it. if you think this article is helpful for you then share it for other person by clicking any sharing bottom, also you can give us your valuable suggestion or feedback in our comment section.

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