How To Fix PS4 Controller Not Connecting To WiFi But WiFi Works

ps4 controller not connecting : We all know that Playstation 4 is one of the best gaming consoles out there. This is something with which you can spend hours full of entertainment. But there many users of PS4 complaining about Wi-Fi connectivity issues which is very disappointing. If you are the owner of the same and trying to fix PS4 not connecting to WiFi issue, then here I am going to share some best solutions for you.

ps4 controller not connecting

There can be various reasons behind this PS4 WiFi won’t connect to the WiFi issue. Maybe your internet connection not available, WiFi password not correct, PS4 network issues, or others.

Below, I will share all the working and best solutions for this issue, so stay with me till the last line.

Methods to Fix PS4 Controller Not Connecting to WiFi:

Now I will summarize the different issues which cause the WiFi connection issue. I will also tell you the best solutions for these issues, applying and fixing them. So, keep on reading till the last line and get it solved.

1. Problem with WiFi router:

The most common problem for the PS4 WiFi can be with the router. If your internet connection is down or there is an error with the WiFi router or modem, it can also cause a WiFi connection issue. In such a case, you should check if the internet is working connecting with any other devices like smartphone or laptop or not.

In case the internet is not working or not connecting, try to reboot or reset the router and try connecting after this. Just unplug the power supply from the router and wait for few seconds before turning it on. You can also reset the router by pressing the RESET button given on the router.

2. Restart the PS4 Console:

Well, some of the common issues can be easily fixed by rebooting the PS4. Sometimes the reboot automatically refreshes the problems and fix them automatically. You can easily restart the PS4 using the PS4 dual shock controller or by long-pressing the power button on the front.

You can hold the press until the 2nd beep sound, which will start the console in Safe Mode. Just try these tricks, and it should work.

3. Initialize your PlayStation 4:

This is well known and working trick to solve PS4 WiFi not connecting error. Just go to Home screen > Settings the select Initialization, and Initialize Ps4 from there.

I hope it should solve the issue quickly. If not, then check the other methods mentioned below.

4. Check server status of PlayStation Network:

If the WiFi is connected but you unable to play games online or unable to access other online services within the PS4, then you should check if the PlayStation server is up or not.

Yes, sometimes PS4 servers remain down, and the online game functions do not work as expected. In such a case, you need to click on the below-given link and check the server status: PlayStation Network Server Status.

5. Check for updates:

Like any other Smart device, the PlayStation 4 also gets regular software updates that bring new features. With the advancement of technology, you need to keep your device updated with the most recent software version.

Sometimes the new software gets advanced WiFi features because of which you might see errors.

To check the software status of your PS4, go to Settings and then System software. But how can you update that WiFi is not connected? You need to use the LAN port on the backside of the console.

6. Weak Signal:

If the router is far from the PS4 and the signal is weak, it will also affect connection WiFi. Usually, weak or low-cost routers have weak signal strength, which you need to consider placing nearby without many obstacles. You can also buy a WiFi extender to solve the weak signal issue.

In other cases, every router has some limitations of how many devices can be connected with it. If the router already has many other devices already connected, you won’t connect WiFi with your PS4.

7. Disable PS4 Media server:

Some users have suggested that disabling the media server can repair the ps4 WiFi connection problem. If none of the above methods are not working for you, you can try this once. Go to Settings> Network > media server connection and turn it off.

8. Rename the SSID:

If you can log in to the router settings, then you can do one tweak. You can change and set the security of the router to WPA-PSL TKIP 256 bit. Now try to connect the PlayStation to WiFi.

9. Change the DNS:

As per some users, changing the DNS settings can solve the issue, and you will easily connect the WiFi. It sounds a bit technical, but by following the steps given below, you can do it easily without any complications:

  1. First of all, go to the Settings page on your Playstation4.
  2. Now, go to the Network section and then Set Up Internet Connection> Use WiFi> Custom. Next, you need to choose the WiFi connection you want to use from the list and enter the password. On the next page, select Do Not Specify and choose the Manual option.
  3. Now you can see two sections named primary DNS and Secondary DNS. In the first place, put, and in the second place, enter and click next.
  4. I hope it will work perfectly for you, but again if the error continues, you can try by entering on the primary section and on the secondary DNS section.
  5. Additionally, you can enter and on the primary and secondary DNS sections, respectively.

10. Contact PlayStation 4 care:

If you cannot connect WiFi after trying all the tweaks mentioned above, then it must be some significant issue.

In such cases, visiting nearby Playstation or Sony care is much better than any other option. There might be some issues with the hardware or any other network-related parts. You can visit their official website and locate the nearby authorized service center and toll-free number. If your PS4 is under warranty period then it will cost nothing.

Final Words: Fix PS4 Not Connecting

So, these are all from basic to advanced solutions mentioned. Hopefully, one of the methods should work for you and does not require visiting Sony care.

I hope you can now quickly fix PS4 not connecting to the WiFi issue and enjoying a hassle-free gaming experience. In case you are stuck on some step or if any method worked for you, then do me know below.

Also, share this guide if you found this helpful and can be useful for others too.

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