What Is The 844 Area Code and How To Protect Yourself

844 area code : Mobile phones have replaced almost everything these days and a majority of the people out there own a smartphone device. From paying your bills to downloading something from the internet, mobile phones are capable of doing every work. As the number of smartphone users around the world is increasing, companies and individuals are trying to lure them into their business.

Most of the companies these days are contacting individuals using mobile phones and their numbers. It is very easy to set a promotional message and broadcast it over phone calls and text messages. You too might have got some kind of promotional or spam messages of different companies and businesses for promoting their products.

844 area code

Sending out promotional messages and calls is completely legal but some people are taking advantage of the technology to scam people. Sending out emails that a person has won a lottery is a thing of past and these types of emails usually get into the spam folder without getting noticed by the recipient.

Instead of that scammers are not using the mobile phone numbers to lure people into their scams. By using free mobile numbers they usually make calls or send text messages to people for different reasons. You might get some offers on products or calls from the technical department of network and device from these numbers.

Here in this post, we are going to tell you everything about area code 844 and will tell you how you can protect yourself from these kinds of scams. If you are not much aware of these kinds of scams on call, then you need to know about the numbers that are used by these kinds of fake calls.

Well, it is not related only to the scams but sometimes you may get promotional calls or text messages from these numbers. We have already posted about area code 833 on this blog, and in this post, we are going to tell you about area code 844. Well, sometimes it is possible that the number is being used for work purposes and not for scams so you must be aware of that.

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What Is The Area Code 844?

When you buy a phone number, then it comes with a prefix code and that code defines the location of that particular number. Though, there are some number codes out there that are not allocated to any countries or states out there. These types of numbers are available for everyone to buy and use.

Mostly, these area codes are used for promoting products and services but sometimes people may use them for scamming people. You can easily buy a couple of numbers and make calls with them anywhere in the world and that too for an unlimited number of times. This makes these numbers perfect for scammers.

Why You Must Be Aware of 844 Scam?

These days online scamming is on-trend and a lot of people are using these free numbers to scam people or to gain access to their online assets. In some cases, they may ask you for banking information and then take out your hard-earned money. You must be aware of these kinds of scams and numbers to protect yourself from all kinds of threats.

If you get any call from area code 844, then we will recommend you to listen to what the person on the other side is saying, then act accordingly. If the person is asking you to provide any personal or banking details, then simply cut the phone and block the number or mark it as spam in caller identifier apps like TrueCallers so others can know about it before picking up the call.

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What Is Area Code 844 & How Does This Scam Work?

As we said earlier, area code 844 is mostly used by the scammers to lure people into their tactics. By using the phone numbers available on the internet, people with phone number 844 can make calls or SMS to anyone all over the world. They mostly pretend to be someone from a call center and may ask you for some personal information.

If they are calling tech support, then they might ask for the device you are using or might try to sell you some software. Remember that anyone tells you that they are calling from the bank and ask for confidential information like credit/debit card PIN or password, then do not give them the asked details.

What To Do If You Are A Victim of Area Code 844?

There are chances that sometimes you might tell someone something confidential over a phone call and then realize that it was actually a fake caller. In that case, you do don’t have to panic as most of the things can be undone before the scammer do something with the information you’ve provided him.

Taking precautions is the best way to stop yourself from being scammed but if you have told any banking details, then you can call your bank and get your account frozen and cards blocked. In case of passwords, you can simply change the passwords of your account yourself and enable the two-factor authentication on all of your digital accounts for an extra layer of security.

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Final Words About Area Code 844

So this is all about phone number 844 and we hope now you know much about 844 area code. There are many area codes like 844 that are not assigned to any place or city so you must be cautious while attention calls from them.

You can consider using apps like TrueCaller to identify the name of the caller before picking up the call. Most spammers are already labeled as SPAM in TrueCaller so you will get to know if the call you are getting is legit or not. If you have any questions regarding the 844 phone number, then you can ask us about them via the comments below.

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