The Sims 3 Cheats Codes And Secrets For PC And Mac

Sims 3 cheats: From the very dawn of civilization man had been up growing his life by getting a soothing but entertaining life. And In cases of entertainment nothing comes better than gaming. You can just get chilled up in one place and enjoy gaming even after a whole tired working session. It can be your own house or office premises or a park or wherever you want. In this gaming world there are so many games available to play.

For example PUBG mobile, FORTNITE, APEX LEGENDS, CALL OF DUTY etc. but they are heavy multiplayer games. But if you like to play something bit different from all these like a simulation game then downloading The Sims 3 and playing it with The Sims 3 cheat code can be a really good choice.

sims 3 cheats

The redwood shores studio of Maxis had developed a life simulation video game called the Sims 3 which was published by electronic arts. This game had released the console versions for XBOX360, PLAYSTATION3, and NINTENDO DS.

The Sims 3 had a great commercial success by selling 1.4 million copies in its first week. Mostly positive reviews were given by the critics with a score of 86 out of 100. Since its release over ten million copies have been sold worldwide, making it one of the best PC games ever.

Playing games can be a really good fun in your free time while using the cheat codes for a specific game adds some extra texture to someone’s enjoyment. So here I’m gonna put some cheat codes for The Sims 3 and secret strategy along with this.

Cheat Codes And Secrets For The Sims 3

Having activate the cheat codes for the Sims 3 you don’t to make any changes in your game files or download a third party application.

You just need to make it happen that your cheat console must be accessed. Or you can play with the testing cheats enabled code.

Process to Access Cheats for The Sims 3

For display the cheat console on your PC you have to put the following keyboard shortcuts.

Cheat Codes For The Sims 3 : sims 3 cheats

Let the console get open first then type any one of the codes mentioned below and press ENTER to activate the resembling cheat. For some specific cheat you have to put ON/OFF or TRUE/FALSE to make the toggle effect.

Move objects that are normally stand by moveObjects on/off
Allow terrain adjustments constrainFloorElevation true/false
Full screen mode.           fullscreen on/off
Quit the game. quit
Display a list of cheat codes.      help
Enable/disable testing cheats.  testingCheatsEnabled true/false
Enable llamas.  enablellamas on/off
Get  $50000 motherlode
Gets you a joke jokePlease
Objects won’t snap to slots while holding Alt disableSnappingToSlotsOnAlt on/off
Objects fade as the camera gets close to them (it will not affect the sim) fadeObjects on/off
Slow motion(0 is the slowest and 8 is the fastest) Slowmotionviz[number as per your choice]
Get back Sim to a safe and neutral state at home.                resetSim
View outfits and service uniforms (must be enabled before entering cas)    unlockOutfits [on/off]
 Get 1000 simoleons kaching
Display frame rate at top of the screen fps
Toggles object fade when camera zooms fadeObjects [on/off]
Turns on Testing Cheats testingcheatsenabled
Hold Alt to avoid object snap when toggled disableSnappingToSlotsOnAlt [on/off]
Give money to a family, where [x] is the family’s last name and [y] is the amount familyFunds [x][y]
Show/hide talk and thought bubbles. hideHeadlineEffects[ on/off]
Walls, floors, and objects will move with the terrain. constrainFloorElevation [true/false]

TestingChestsEnabled true for The Sims 3

Activating the TestingCheatsEnabled true for the game will give you several opportunities to modify the most assets of the game by using additional codes.

This cheats puts Sims 3 into the debug mode. For an example if you want to activate the slow motion you have to enter the specific code form the cheat console.

Shift-click cheats hacks

The TestingCheatsEnabled true code will also help you to explore some SHIFT+CLICK hacks. Click on various items while holding the SHIFT button will unveil you a plenty of options.

  • Click on your Sim and you can change various traits
  • Click on the ground to teleport your Sim to a particular location
  • Click on your workplace to bring up options that will give you a chance to make a good progress in your career.
  • Click on your workplace to have great events, promotions, spectacular opportunities and more.
  • click on the mailbox for making friends, forcing visitors and more.
  • Click a non-household Sim to add them to your household.

Best strategies for make a good hand in The Sims 3

Discover all the uncharted islands

For unlocking all the uncharted islands in The Sims 3 you have to press CTRL+SHIFT+C and at the same time you have to open up the cheat box.

Once the cheat box is opened then try to type TestingCheatsEnabled true and then press ENTER. After this type CTRL+SHIFT+C and at the same time type DISCOVERALLUNCHARTEDISLANDS and press ENTER. Then you’ll have all the uncharted island in the ISLA PARADISO

Friends and Music

Your Sim can easily make friends by playing guitar and for that you have to first buy the particular instrument from the shop and start practicing to play it well until your accuracy goes up to 5/10.

Then you can go over to a park and play some really good music and demand some tip for it. And you should keep playing it as the crowd gathers well. This will help you to make a huge community of friends. And you performance skill will determine that how fast it will happen.

Cleaning dishes

You don’t have to give more time after washing plates. Drag an empty plate into your inventory and then through it over the ‘SELL’. Though you won’t gonna get any kind of money for this but you’ll get rid of those dirty dishes.

Having more clothes

You can have a lot new dresses for your Sims once you’ll get a dresser for yourself. So what’s stopping you let’s get one and then select PLAN OUTFIT option. You can differentiate 3 types of outfit for each type of clothing style (ethnic or casual).

Name change

You can change your sim’s name too by selecting the city hall building from the map and then select the option ‘change your name’. However this only works at noon and 6 P.M

Manufacture a ghost baby

You can assiduously produce a ghost baby and then you can control it too by following some easy steps.

  • Make out a female Sim’s traits so that she could be Kleptomaniac
  • Go to the graveyard
  • Go for the Sim to steal some male remaining from the proximity
  • Come back home and wait for two days, at a particular situation a ghost should appear in the home at 11PM.
  • Visit with the ghost each time it appears.
  • Once you become good friends with the ghost, it will appear at the night and you can continue socializing until you earn the fertility reward.
  • Repress to the ghost that you are devoted to it.
  • Tell the ghost to snuggle on bed and kiss.
  • Each night, try for a baby until your Sim will be throwing up, which marks the start of a pregnancy that will eventually end with the birth of the ghost baby.

Final words sims 3 cheats

So this all about the Sims 3 cheats and secrets for The Sims 3 and we hope now you can play The Sims 3 frequently with this cheats and strategies given above. Remember that there are many websites available out there to give you cheats for The Sims 3.

But we will recommend you to stay away from those sites. In the name of cheat codes you might end up downloading some virus or malware in your device.

We will keep updating this post with more free cheat codes for The Sims 3. So keep visiting our site to know about it. You get any kind of problem to applying these cheat codes then you can let us know in the comment section below. We will help you further to get the solution at your best.

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