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What Does OP Mean: In the era of digitalization, everything from paying bills to managing bank accounts, to book tickets, has become more convenient. Above everything, communication has changed phenomenally with the arrival of the internet and smartphones. With high texting rates and limited phones, calling was more preferred than texting during the 90s. But now the scene has changed, and more people prefer texting over phone calls. Not only this but a study shows that texting with people increases your chances of becoming a friend than those who talk over a call. Admit it, you too like texting rather than calling.

Not just about texting, the meaning of communication has extended to sharing photos, posts, videos, and even audios on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. As communication is becoming easier day by day, people prefer to use abbreviations and text slangs while chatting to make it more convenient and interesting.

It won’t be wrong in saying that the use of acronyms is a fun part of chatting with friends. Youngsters are more involved in using abbreviations like AF, TB, TBH, etc. These slangs help users in texting faster by shortening some words and phrases into just a few alphabets.

What Does OP Mean

Every day, you will find some new slang on the internet, and it becomes really hard to understand some. Since there are numerous slangs being used on the internet it is really impossible to know about each of them. Here in this post, we are going to tell you everything about OP slang and how you can use it on the internet.

We have also included a live usage example of the OP slang which you can read to know how and when you can use OP. If you have never come across this slang then after knowing its meaning and usage, you might be able to use it too. So read this post till the end and you will get to know more about the OP abbreviation.

What Is the Full Form of OP – What Does OP Mean?

The abbreviation OP means Original Poster. This phrase is generally used to indicate a person who first posted something which was the initiator of a whole set of discussion or a thread. It simply means, if there is something which has become a talk of the town, then there must be an original poster who first posted about it.

The abbreviation of this phrase is considered to come into existence on Usenet in the decade of the 70s. There are times when a small topic of conversation becomes a trend in online media or on online platforms. Hence, the abbreviation OP can be used to refer to a person who was the initiator of the trend.

How To Use OP On the Internet

The abbreviation, OP must be a new slang for many of us, especially those who are not very active in social networking sites. So, if you are one of the persons who don’t spend a huge chunk of your day on social media, but you love to keep yourself updated and informed, then you should know about the meaning and the use of OP.

By referring to the example of anything, you can easily understand its meaning as well as its usage. Examples also help in exploring different methods of using a word. The following are some of the examples of OP.

Example 1:

Meenu: It makes me wonder how small things like a rap song based on an Indian daily soap came into trend in social media.

Saiba: Yes, the original poster got a huge advantage of it.

Meenu: The rap got so popular that the producers of that daily soap decided to launch a sequel of that show

Saiba: I am sure even the OP of that rap song must be shocked by this news.

Here in the example, two friends can be seen talking about an instance of social media, where an edited RAP song inspired by a TV show got popular in no time in social media. The two friends talked mainly about the OP cum editor of that song, who got a huge advantage of the whole event.

Example 2:

Social Media Post: Let’s celebrate this Diwali without burning crackers and reducing pollution.

Comment 1: I don’t think it is the only way to reduce pollution

Comment 2: People burn crackers on New Year also, why don’t you stop them?

Comment 3: Instead of arguing with OP, let’s begin the change from our tradition.

In this way, the term OP can be used in our social media conversations and posts. In the second example, you can see that the two commentators questioned the OP on his/her opinion. Then the third person commented in favor of the OP and tried to conclude the discussion with peace.

Along with understanding the use of OP in texts and social networking sites, there are other things that worry users while using a word in its abbreviated form. First things first, you don’t need to be worried about the format of the abbreviation. The capitalization of abbreviation is not a mandate all the time. It will not create any significant difference if you use obv instead of OBV. Hence, uppercase or lower case doesn’t make any difference.

Another important thing is the use of punctuation. Even though it is a short form, but it doesn’t mean that each alphabet needs to be accompanied by a full stop. You can simply use the alphabets without any full stop.

The meaning of ROFL won’t change if you will not use it as ROFL. Another problem with using punctuation with abbreviations is that it will simply fail the idea of saving time while texting. The continuous use of punctuation with acronyms will rather make the whole conversation time consuming and toilsome.

The Live Usage of OP Acronym

As OP means original poster, the abbreviation can only be used in the context of issues related to social media or any other event associated with the online world. Another usage of the word can be done while playing online games, especially the MMORPG. At that time, OP means overpowered. Hence, something like the original poster can’t be used at any other place. As the meaning of the word revolves around that of posting something on social media, then there are hardly any chances of using this word informal communication.

Without any loose ends, the use of the abbreviation OP for the original poster is very confined. As it is defined as a person who begins a discussion or a thread by asking a question or uploading a post on social media, it is quite obvious that the abbreviation can be only used in texting or while commenting on any social media post.
Another important thing is the timing of using this abbreviation and the person with whom you are using. It is suggested to use abbreviations while chatting with your close friends or with your colleagues.

Things To Remember While Using ‘OP’

It might be clear to you that the use of this acronym is very specific. Hence there are fewer ways of using it. Even though you have learned about this internet slang, there are chances that you will find very few opportunities for using this slang. So, don’t try to unnecessarily use this slang in sentences. The inappropriate use of this acronym will rather make the whole sentence look weird. If this will be done in texts and comments, then it will be more difficult to understand for the person on the other end to figure out what has been said.

Just like other slangs, you should also be careful about where we use this acronym. As this abbreviation also holds different meanings and full form, it is safe to use it correctly. There might be chances that if you post a comment on a public post or a family photo, then there will be a significant number of people who won’t understand the meaning of the abbreviation. At these places, you can try to use the whole word instead of its abbreviation.

Other Meanings of the OP Slang

When we talk about some other meanings of this slang, OP, then the first meaning which comes into mind is overpowering. Overpowering is a term in the world of MMORPG games. Hence, it will be a chaos if you will use OP while chatting with your gamer friend, as you may end up talking about the overpowering in the games like LoL or WOW. Just like in social media, OP is also hugely used while playing games, but in a different context. So, you must be careful while using this word on social media as well.

Just like the previously mentioned case, there are other occasions where the meaning of this abbreviation will be changed into something else. Hence, to make sure that you don’t get confused if your friend misinterprets the meaning of OP in social networking sites, you should also know about other meanings of OP. Other than overpowering, the following are some more meanings of OP:

  • Original Post
  • Other People
  • Opinion
  • Operator
  • Out of Print
  • Office of the President
  • Old Person
  • Output
  • Optical
  • Opportunity
  • Opera and many more

Along with these meanings of OP, there are many more meanings of this abbreviation. Hence, whenever you read this abbreviation on social media, you should also consider other meanings, before understanding the meaning of the whole sentence.

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Final Words – What Does OP Mean

As you have understood the meaning of OP, you can use this term in social media as well as in other places. Knowing everything about this slang will also help you understand the posts and comments involving the use of this slang. As there are multiple meanings of this slang, it is rather suggested to use this abbreviation cautiously.

It is really important to understand the context before drawing out any conclusion of the sentence based on the meaning of OP. Hence, you can carefully use this abbreviation while commenting or posting on social networking sites, or while chatting with your friends.

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