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TotalSportek: These days, people don’t get time to go to theatres, sports grounds, and anywhere to watch their favourite things live. Instead, everyone prefers watching and streaming them live on their TV and mobile devices. The trend for free online sports streaming has increased in recent times and that is why many free sports streaming sites have emerged.


You can search on the internet and a huge list of sports streaming websites will appear on your screen. Well, not every website is good as another and TotalSportek is an exception here because of its amazing features.

TotalSportek’s official website has been taken down following the orders and all of the available websites with similar names and domains are either proxy or mirror websites.

We’ve discussed everything about the TotalSportek website on this page and you must read it if you want to know about some of the best TotalSportek alternatives in 2023.

Not only do these alternatives to TotalSportek offer certain sports streaming but many of them offer additional features too. If you are a sports lover, then do give them a visit and enjoy watching your favourite sports online.

  • GOLF

What is Totalsportek?

  • The totalsportek allows users to stream live sports matches. You can stream any NFL, NBA, MMA or Boxing game for free. You can simply visit the website and search for your favorite sport.
  • Totalsportek is the first mobile streaming app for sports. It offers live streaming of the NFL, NHL and NBA games, as well as Boxing and MMA to over 150 countries.
  • Thetotalsportek, a leader in sports data and content, allows users to view games via their platform. Fans who wish to see their favorite sport can access real-time stats, information and player profiles.
  • You can watch all the latest sporting events on Thetotalsportek, which is a completely free platform. Thetotalsportek has many channels including the NFL, NHL and NBA as well as Boxing and MMA. You can stream these live on your TV or device via AirPlay or Chromecast.
  • Totalsportek is completely free to all users. No subscriptions are necessary. You can stream live or archived games, so no matter where you are located you won’t miss any important game.
  • Thetotal sportek, a leading sports streaming platform, delivers live and on demand coverage of some the most popular North American sports.
  • This platform offers unprecedented access to all games, not just for fans, but for coaches, players, general managers, and other professionals in the sports industry. You can stream live without any restrictions or blackouts.
  • Any device can be used to view your favorite game, whether it’s a desktop, tablet or TV. Thetotalsportek will ensure that you don’t miss a single game.
  • The totalsportek allows you to stream live sports online, without the need to subscribe to cable. The totalsportek allows you to watch your favorite games in HD from any device.

Watch Live Sports On Totalsportek

The total sportek allows Its Users to Watch Live Matches of NFL , football world cup, NHL, American college football, MLB, AFL, NBA seasons, Soccer, Football, UFC Fight Nights, Boxing, and Many More. The total sportek Provides Multiple Links From Multiple Sources To Watch A Game So No Need To Worry About Dead Links.

How to stream sports with Totalsportek

  • The totalsportek allows you to stream any sport that you wish. It can be used to stream baseball, cricket, and other sports.
  • The totalsportek makes it easier than ever for you to watch your favorite sporting event live. All you need to get started is a smartphone, and an internet connection.
  • The totalsportek also offers an Android app that has been updated to seamlessly work with the latest Android Pie operating system.
  • The interface of the app is simple and intuitive. It offers in-app navigation options such as Chromecast support, sharing options like Facebook Live or Twitter Direct Message.
  • Totalsportek allows you to stream any sport that you wish. It can be used to stream baseball, cricket, and other sports.
  • Totalsportek makes it easier than ever for you to watch your favorite sporting event live. All you need to get started is a smartphone, and an internet connection.

What Is TotalSportek?

TotalSportek was one of the most popular free sports streaming sites on the internet. Millions of sports lovers were using this website to watch their favourite sports online without paying anything.

One day, the official TotalSportek website was taken down by the owners themselves citing copyright strikes as the reason. After that, many TotalSportek mirror sites and TotalSportek proxy sites came into existence but there are many other sports websites like TotalSportek available that offer similar features and interfaces to the TotalSportek site.

TotalSportek Alternatives 2023 | Sites Like TotalSportek

Sony LIV

This site is considered one of the best TotalSportek proxy sites as it fulfils all your entertainment necessities from movies, sports, and dramas. With a premium subscription, you can also watch UFC matches, WWE, NFL, and other sports tournaments with a click of a button. You can avail of various plans with Sony LIV.

There are a huge number of options to choose from – semi-annual, monthly and annual plans. Different plans also support options like offline downloads and can support up to five profiles and many more. So, go ahead and give Sony Liv a try and we are sure you will love it.


ESPN is an association between The Walt Disney Company and Hearst Communication. This channel is a global leader with more than 30,000 users daily. This is one of the TotalSportek alternatives where you can also add your favourites to the watchlist to enjoy later. There are various reasons to choose this website over others as ESPN is the official streaming partner of many leagues around the world.

You can find a direct streaming link of various sports matches and get started with them in just a single click. Also, if you want then you can download the ESPN app for mobile devices to watch sports from smartphones.


There’s nothing better than finding a website that offers live streaming of a majority of the sports out there. SportSurge is one among them as you can find live streaming links of different sports like soccer, basketball, hockey, cricket, MMA, etc. on it.

The website’s design is very simple too so anyone from any part of the world can use it without any issues. The home page of this website shows a list of ongoing matches and you can click on the respective one to visit its dedicated page. On the same page, you can find the streaming link, information about the telecast, and many more.

Sky Sports

You might have heard about Sky Sports before as this website is pretty popular around the world. Sky Sports is available on various devices like computers, as an app on smartphones and as a TV channel too. It doesn’t matter what sports you are interested in, Sky Sports can show you details about them.

From live scores to streaming links and news about sports, this website is filled with some of the best content related to sporting events around the world. If you are looking for some good sports websites like TotalSportek, then you must visit this website at least once to try its amazing features.


As the name says, this website shows live scores of any sport you want. The user interface is pretty clean and anyone can get started with it in no time. Remember that if you are looking for free streaming sports websites to watch live sports online, then it is not for you. This website can be used only to watch live scores of ongoing matches.

It supports major sports like soccer, basketball, tennis, hockey, etc. and allows you to see the results, live scores, as well as scheduled matches too. It might be a new sports website like TotalSportek, but definitely a helpful one if you are into live scores.


This website was founded a few years back and it has got popularity around the world. Thousands of people are using it daily to watch their favorite sports online without paying anything. You don’t have to register yourself on the website to use it which makes it easier for everyone to access it.

It uses IPTV protocol to gather the live streaming links of sports matches and then list them on its own portal. You can see a list of all running matches on the home page and click on the desired link to open its live streaming page. Remember that you might be redirected to an external website for streaming.


Laola1 is a very old website when it comes to sports and by using this website you can get to know everything related to your favorite sports. The website scrapes details of different sporting events from the internet and shows them right on their own website. You can read the news, watch live matches, see live scores, and do a lot more for free on this website.

Although it is not required but you can also create an account on the Laola1 website to enjoy some more features. Not every sport is covered on Laola1 so you will find limited content on it but it is very useful when it comes to sites like TotalSportek in 2022.


When it comes to free sports streaming, there’s nothing that can match the features Batmanstream offers to its visitors. This website uses Twitter, Reddit, and other IPTV sources to find direct streaming links to sports matches. Recently, it started offering its services via an app and Batmanstream APK can be obtained to use this website on Android devices.

An open-chat panel is also available where you can interact with other live streamers from around the world. If you are not able to find something on other websites, then you must use this website.


It has been there for quite a long time and millions of people have tried and tested this website already. The home page of BossCast gets updated with new streaming links and you can click on them to start watching that particular sport. The menu bar contains a list of different types of sports and you can click on any of them to view a list of all ongoing and upcoming matches. There’s no search function available that might annoy you but if you are someone who is looking for a free sports streaming site like TotalSportek, then you must consider using BossCast at least once.


While this website might not have a very beautiful-looking design, it does offer the latest sports updates. You can find a list of live sport streams schedule right on the home page of this website and click on any link to visit its streaming page. A lot of sports like soccer, basketball, tennis, etc. are supported and it is among the highly-supported website on this list. The links get updated very frequently so you can get started with any match right away. It has got a very basic design so you will not be able to navigate around but it focuses more on the content which is beneficial to all.

Final Words TotalSportek Alternatives

TotalSportek was a gem of a sports streaming websitea you could find on the internet. Unfortunately, with the takedown of this website, sports lovers have to rely on other TotalSportek alternative websites. The sites mentioned on this page are working pretty fine and can be used to watch almost all types of sports online.

We are looking for more sites like TotalSportek to watch sports online without paying and will update the post with them as soon as we find a worthy alternative. If you are using or have used any good free streaming sports website like TotalSportek, then do let us know about it too.


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