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YesMovies: Nowadays, everyone loves to watch movies. Movies have become a part of a routine for some people. But spending around 100 rupees every day is not possible for everyone and also going to the cinema for watching movies takes a lot of time.

Especially for the middle-class family, it is very difficult to spend around a hundred rupees every day. But as we know there is a solution for every problem in this world. In this modern world, the growing demands for movies have compelled the site makers to make some sites where we the people can watch movies for free or either by spending a very little amount of money.

The best part is that the site makers have come with thousands of movie streaming sites wherein we can watch movies for free of cost or by spending a very little amount. Now you do not need to go to the cinema and waste your time. Maximum of these sites are available on your mobile phones, TV, laptop, etc.

You can watch movies from this type of site anytime and anywhere. Some of these sites are 100% legal but some have some pirated movies, which makes the site a bit illegal but as you have around a thousand options, you can select the legal sites from them and can start enjoying watching the movies.


Even if it is illegal you can use your VPN network for safety. One of these sites is Yesmovie, wherein you can watch movies for free of cost. You do not need to worry about legality.

This site is 100% legal and you can enjoy watching movies anytime and anywhere through this best site. This site provides us with HD quality movies and also provides us with all the latest movies. All the users love to watch movies from this site. You can watch all the movies, TV shows, dramas, etc. with superb quality on this site.

What Is YesMovies?

It is the best free movie and web series streaming site where you can watch movies, series, TV shows, dramas, etc. for free of cost and also with HD quality. This is best for the people who love to watch movies and series but are not able to spend a lot of money on watching movies.

This is also good for the ones who do not have a TV in their house because they can watch all the TV shows on this site just by their phone. It has a very user-friendly design. Thousands of users are connected to this site. These have a large number of contents and the contents are updated on daily basis.

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Is It Safe To Use YesMovie Website?

When it comes to legality there are lots of illegal sites all over the world but yesmovies is one of the best legal sites. It is a 100% legal site and it is very safe for the users to watch all the latest as well as old TV shows, movies, series, etc. Through reports, we have come to know that they have some pirated copies of movies but these copies of movies do not make this site illegal.

The users do not face any issue in using this site to watch movies or series. They even show some ads in between the movies and series to prove their legality. You can keep your VPN hidden for more safety. These sites do not contain any kind of virus, so you can easily watch movies or series from these sites on your laptop and mobile phones.

Features of YesMovies Site | Yes Movies Mirror/Proxy

Huge Collection of Movies, Series & Shows

The best feature of Yesmovie is that they have huge collections of Movies, Tv shows, series, dramas, etc. You can find all the latest as well as old Tv shows, series and movies here. On the homepage, they have separate categories for movies, series, and shows, you can easily find movies and shows from there. They update their content on regular basis.

Their database is never the same. Each day you will find a new movie on that site that attracts people the most. Their contents are mostly pirated but are never illegal. This is the best site to watch all the old and latest movies and series with HD quality.

Easy To Use Interface

Yesmovie being the best free movie and TV series streaming website has a great and very clear interface. All the movies are categorized making it easier for the user to watch their favorite movies and series.

Because of their clear interface, it is very easy to download movies and series from this site. More than thousands of people are using the site to watch movies, series, and shows. The homepage is very Interactive and easy.

You can find trending movies very easily. This feature brings a lot of user interference to this site. There is one more additional feature, i.e., the search box, where you can directly search your favorite movies, shows, and series and download or you can directly watch it from there by clicking on the movie.

Unlimited Streaming & Downloading

You can watch all the latest movies, shows, and series here and can easily download them from this site. They do unlimited streaming of movies, series, and shows. As mentioned above that they update their content on daily basis, which means that they stream content on daily basis. All the blockbuster and trending movies are categorized on their homepage.

You can easily download by typing the name of the movie in the search bar, as soon as you type the name in the search bar, they will show the movie, and besides that, there will be a download icon and by clicking it, the downloading process starts immediately. The easy process of downloading even without registering yourself on the site makes it more popular.

Stream Content Without Registration

One of the best parts of this free movie and series streaming site is you can watch your favorite movies, series, and shows in HD quality without registration. You don’t need to register yourself to watch movies and series on these sites but when it comes to downloading the content, it will be better if you register yourself through your E-mail id.

It will also help you get notified about new shows and series daily because as soon as you register yourself through Email, they start giving you a notification about trending movies on regular basis. One just needs to click on the movie and start enjoying it.

Yesmovies Alternatives & Unblocked Sites

Even after all this feature if you still think you want to choose some other sites, you can go for the below-mentioned alternatives:



Vumoo is also a free movie, series, and TV shows streaming site which requires little registration and offers HD quality movies and series. It offers a search box where people can search for their favorite movies and series and it grabs the content from someplace on the internet and plays it online on its platform.

2. Amazon Prime


Amazon Prime is one of the most used websites and the best streaming site after Netflix. The main difference between Yesmovies and Amazon prime is that prime requires a paid subscription. One needs to buy this subscription to watch movies. Although, these subscriptions provide a lot of benefits and additional services.

3. 123Movies


123Movies is the best alternative for yes movies. It is also a movie streaming website That offers thousands of pirated shows and movies in good quality for free. Television shows, movies, and the latest web series, you can find everything here without any registration.

4. Bflix


Vumoo is the best TV streaming website to watch all the latest movies and web series without any subscription. You can watch movies or web series both with or without sign up and can easily download the video. Even with free charge, they provide high-quality movies.

Final Words YesMovies

Yesmovie is the best free movie, series, and TV shows streaming sites. It has all the best features inbuilt in it with 100% legality. You do not need to spend even a single penny on this site to watch your favorite movies and series.

It also covers some dubbed movies in it. This site also has a very easy download system, you can download the movies and web series and can watch them anywhere and anytime.

Sometimes the site gets banned because they contain pirated movies but it does not make it illegal and also, we have mentioned some of the best alternatives above, you can watch movies and series from those sites whenever the yesmovies site is banned.

So, what are you waiting for? Just go and watch your favorite movies, series, TV shows, dramas, everything from this website. They have also divided movies into different categories like thriller movies, comedy movies, romantic movies, which makes it very easy for the user to watch movies and series from this site.

Even if you are at a place where the network is very low, you can easily watch the downloaded movies and series on your mobile phone. Grab your popcorn and start watching your favorite movie from this site. We are sure you would be having great exposure by watching movies and series from this site.


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