What Does CTFU Mean | CTFU Definition & How To Use CTFU

CTFU means: Today’s world is driven by speed. Everything we look for should be fast – fast network, fast payment, fast transport, and fast communication and fast everything. There is no time for a long narrative description of things.

It has to be short and crisp. Typing needs to be fast, chatting, and communication needs to be fast, and everything you are trying to say should be read and interpreted instantly. All routes have short cuts, all words have short forms and all phrases have abbreviations.

What Is the Full Form Of CTFU

Especially in the text language, abbreviations play a very important role. It has been a few years since the autocorrect feature was added to typing. Earlier, spelling, grammar, and long words, everything had to be taken care of. But now, no more! Typing is faster, and the range of abbreviations is many.

These abbreviations have become so popular, and people are so used to them that people hesitate to say or write their full forms. Laugh out loud became LOL, rolling on the floor laughing became ROFL, “Kya Kar Rahe ho?” in Hindi became KKRH, and the list is endless. Just imagine if the answers to such questions came in short forms too. Funny, isn’t it?


Well talking about abbreviations, for smooth conversations without any confusion, and having a good knowledge of a set of abbreviations handy to text language is very helpful. Imagine having to Google for meanings every time you come across one such abbreviation the person you are talking to used!

How To Use CTFU On the Internet

In an era of memes and trolls, you could have often come across the term CTFU. And you need to get to know more about it, the reason you are here. If you had been wondering what this cool-sounding 4 letters short cut means, stop there! This article is a full stop to your questions.

What is CTFU? Where is it used? Where should it not be used? And everything that you want to know is right here. So read this article till the end to find out what CTFU is all about.

CTFU, short for “cracking the f**k up” is an internet slang similar to TFW and OTP. It is meant to express how funny a particular joke or incident was to you. When you receive a joke or a meme, and you start laughing, and you can’t even take a pause to tell your friend or colleague what that funny thing was, is when you use CTFU as a reply.

When you laugh and laugh like you have gone mad, or you laugh till your stomach starts hurting or you laugh till you start shedding tears or you laugh till you lose your breath, you are CTFU.

The Live Usage of CTFU Acronym

Here are a few examples of sentences where the abbreviation CTFU is commonly used.

  1. Sana was ctfu when she read the joke on google.

Sana was laughing like a lunatic when she read the joke on Google. Sana found the joke she read on Google so funny that she has laughed till her eyes started shedding tears.

2. He found it so ridiculously stupid. He was ctfu.

He found something so ridiculously stupid that he was laughing at it till his stomach ached.

3. “I am not halfway through what just happened, and you are already CTFU!

I haven’t understood half of what just happened here, and you are already laughing the life out of yourself.

(Here the speaker is yet to get the joke while the listener has already understood it and is laughing till hurting him/her stomach or something like that)

4. *Someone posts a funny picture on Facebook. *

Comment: that shit is funny! CTFU!

(Here the comment indicates that the picture is so funny that it made them laugh so much that they are already cracking up)

 Knowing where to use ctfu or any other abbreviation for that matter is one of the most important things in order to save you from any embarrassment or trouble of creating offense. Read on to find out where you should and where you should not use this abbreviation.

Things To Remember While Using ‘CTFU’

The urban dictionary defines CTFU as the abbreviation of the term “cracking the F**k up” which is a way of telling someone that you found the joke or the activity extremely funny. Rendering it as a term that should strictly be used online only, it also gives a set of live examples of using CTFU in sentences and conversations.

This is strictly not a formal way of saying and is more suitable when you are in a group of friends or acquaintances whom you know casually. Also, CTFU is not something you would like to use to express your reaction to jokes when you are at a workplace or around people whom you know formally or professionally.

CTFU is strictly used online only. CTFU is the expression of laughing hard when someone says something funny or stupid or ridiculous. It is very similar in meaning to LMAO or ROFL but expresses these terms in a more intensified manner. Be it texting, email, blog, or comments; this abbreviation provides the means for showing how hard you laughed at the joke.

Firstly you cannot use CTFU when you get a giggle or a slight laugh. You rather go for LOL, which is one of the most common acronyms on social media. Secondly, since this abbreviation has an F word in the expansion, it is not at all suitable for use in conversations that are supposed to be decent.

So, work chats and work emails are not at all good places for this term. And since not everyone is familiar with internet slang, you should be careful as to who are the people or the groups that know this term and will take it as it should mean.

Some people who only know its full form might even take offense to your using such a term. Always be aware of the person at the receiving end when you send such abbreviations.

Other Meanings Of The CTFU Slang

CTFU is the abbreviation for “Cracking the F**k up”. In the simplest of explanations, it is like a more intense version of ROFL. CTFU means when you laugh so hard that you feel like you are cracking up. It is one of those instances where you laugh so much and so hard that you have to hold your stomach and it starts aching.

Or one of those instances when someone cracks a joke, and you start laughing and then just as you are about to stop, you start laughing again, and this continues for quite some time till you end up getting tears.

CTFU is said when someone says or writes or posts something extremely funny, and it makes you laugh till you are short of breath.

CTFU is another online language used mostly by the meme community and groups that share extremely funny jokes. Similar to OTP, and TFW, it is a way of expressing that something that was told or posted was extremely funny.

CTFU is not something you say when you giggle or laugh lightly at something funny; LOL is the best fit there. CTFU is used to express the sense of something being so funny that you cracked up laughing.

Final Words: CTFU

Though harmless as far as its meaning is concerned, CTFU is no formal language and you should be careful as to where you are using it. A group of friends or to be more appropriate, all those people with whom you can laugh wholeheartedly can be at the receiving end of your ctfu.

But try to avoid using this abbreviation in work mail or work chats and especially when it concerns your higher authorities. Avoid using the term anywhere decency resides. Like most other internet slang abbreviations, CTFU is good for everywhere and everything casual and carefree.

We, CV hope that now at the end of this article you have got an idea about where, how, and why you should use the abbreviation CTFU and where how, and why you should not use the same.

Try reading the other articles to find more about other such lesser-known abbreviations that you may come across in the middle of a conversation or as you carelessly scroll through your feed. In case you are a member, this is something that could frequently appear in the comments to your posts.


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