Best Kodi Addons For Movies, TV & Sports List


Best Kodi Addons; When it comes to entertainment, Amazon FireStick is definitely a perfect device to own. By using this small utility device you can just dive deep into the world of entertainment and get access to many things.

This device can turn your regular TV into a complete entertainment package without much work. Though the FireStick and FireTV Cube devices have many features, still you can get more out of it by adding some additional apps into it.

If you own an Amazon FireStick device, then you should definitely try using Kodi on it. Kodi is basically an open-source media player software which is being used by billions of people out there to stream various kind of content online on their devices.

Kodi is not limited to only one device but you can download it on various devices.

It really doesn’t matter what kind of content you want to stream, Kodi can do that for you without any worries. Remember that Kodi is just a media player and you will have to install addons on it to get the best out of it. There are different kind of Kodi addons available out there which can be downloaded and used on FireStick Kodi.

There is no official website of Kodi addons available out there so it becomes a bit difficult for people to find some useful add ons for Kodi and stay away from useless ones. Well, you don’t have to worry about it now because we have got you covered.

But before moving on, make sure to jailbreak FireStick because some of the apps can’t be installed without doing so. Jailbreaking a FireStick or FireTV Stick is safe and it just increases the functionality of your device.


Here in this post, we are going to tell you about the top best Kodi addons which you can download on your Kodi devices. It doesn’t matter what kind of Kodi addons you are looking for because this latest addons list have addons for Kodi of different categories.

You will find Kodi addons for movies, Kodi addons for TV, Kodi addons sports, Kodi addons for videos and many more on this page. Just go through this best Kodi addons list till the end and you will find some really useful add-ons to download and install on your Kodi to get the best out of it.

Well, the process is very simple and you can easily install or uninstall any Kodi addons as per your needs. So do try all of them mentioned in this list and then keep the one that worked best for you.

Top Best Working Kodi Addons List

What Are Kodi Addons 2022?

As we told you above, Kodi addons are basically an external software or app that enables certain functionality on your Amazon FireStick. Once you have installed the latest version of Kodi on your Amazon Fire TV Stick, you can begin installing the Kodi best addons mentioned on this page right away.

Well, it really doesn’t matter how many Kodi addons 2022 you can install, but it is always recommended to have to best one of each category to minimize the disk usage.

So, we will recommend you to try at least one Kodi on FireStick addons of each category, and if you have not liked it, then you can try other Kodi addons fusion of that category.

How To Install Kodi Addons [Easy Guide]

You are going to read about best Kodi add ons 2022  below but before that, you must know about how to install them. Well, it is not rocket science to install Kodi addons, as everything can be done by following a few simple steps.

If you don’t know how to install addons on Kodi, then you can follow the steps mentioned below before doing top Kodi addons download on your device. Though the process can be different for some addons of Kodi, but almost all addons can be installed via these steps.

  1. First of all Launch Kodi and then navigate to Settings.
  2. Click on File Manager and then double click on Add Source.
  3. Now click on None -> Type Repository URL -> OK.
  4. Now you have to type Repository Name -> OK.
  5. Go back to Kodi Home and click on Add-Ons.
  6. Select the Box Icon from the top and click on Install From ZIP File.
  7. Scroll down and find the Repository Name for your addon.
  8. Click on the ZIP File which you have downloaded.
  9. Navigate to Install From Repository and select the Repository.
  10. Now find the category of Addon -> Video Add-on, Program Add-on, etc.
  11. Tap on Install and wait for the installation to finish.
  12. Once it is done, your Kodi addon will be installed and you can start using it right away.

Best Kodi Add Ons For Movies, TV, Sports | Best Addons For Kodi 2022

Well, it doesn’t matter if you are looking for Kodi 18 addons or for the latest Kodi 18.4 addons, you can always use them. Also, remember that we keep this list updated with Kodi new addons, so make sure to bookmark this page or visit it regularly to check for new updates of the addons and to know about newest Kodi addons.

You can easily search for the name of the addon in the FireStick or Kodi search box to do Kodi addons download right on your Kodi media player.

There are some chances that some addons might not work in your location because of geo-restriction, and in that case, you can use them by installing a VPN app on your FireStick device. So, let’s get started with best add ons for Kodi

Top 10 Best Kodi Addons of All Time [Latest]

Fresh Start

As the name says, Fresh Start is a Kodi addon which lets you do a fresh start of your Kodi software like a new one. Sometimes users install a Kodi build from unauthorized sources and often ending up installing some useless files in their Kodi.

In that case, Kodi Fresh Start addon comes handy as this addon can reset your Kodi to factory settings and then you can start downloading stuff on your Kodi again.

Do note that there are various settings available in this addon, which makes it even more interesting to use. You get an option to choose the data you want to erase and the data you want to keep.

Backup – Backup & Restore Kodi

Backup Kodi addon do extactly what it is named and this addon comes really handy for every Kodi user out there. It doesn’t matter how many addons or builds you have installed on your Kodi software, because having a backup of your software is always recommended.

Whenever a new Kodi update is released, before updating your Kodi to the latest version, you must take a backup of your tool using this addon. This will not only you to take a backup of your Kodi, but you can also restore all of your addons, builds, wizards and almost everything else with just a few clicks.

Aptoide Kodi

Aptoide - Kodi AddonAptoide is one of the most popular and widely used app stores to download Android mobile apps and games. There are many apps and games which are not available on the Google Play Store and Amazon App Store. In that case, you can use Aptoide app store to download various kind of apps and games that too for free.

Thousands of new apps are added to Aptoide database every day, so you can get a good number of apps for your Amazon FireStick using this app store. Aptoide recently launched their Kodi addon but still have a huge library of downloadable games and apps for Kodi.


IMDb - Kodi AddonWell, if you are a fan of movies and use the internet, then you might have already heard about IMDB before. IMDB basically stands for Internet Movie Database and this service is managed by Amazon itself. It doesn’t matter in what language a movie in, it will get listed on IMDB movies list and then you can get to know about it.

IMDB has different kind of filters where you can get to know about top movies of the year, best movies of a particular genre, latest released movies, upcoming movies, how much a movie is being liked by people all over the world and many more. IMDB is a one-stop solution to all movie lovers to get to know about movies.

Playlist Loader

Playlist Loader - Kodi AddonPlaylist Loader do extactly what it is named, and this Kodi addon can be used to load M3U playlists in Kodi. Well, this addon doesn’t work as a regular IPTV Simple Client, because it can easily load multiple M3U lists in your Kodi app at once.

By using this addon you can easily load and manage your M3U contents on Kodi. The best thing about this addon for Kodi is that it allows you to create categories where you can add M3U content according to their category.

This feature comes handy when you have a lot of M3U contents to load in this addon as it can help you in organizing them.

Free Kodi Movie Addons – Best Movie Addons For Kodi


TubiTV - Kodi AddonTubiTV is one of the best and most popular TV streaming addon for Kodi around the world. This is not just a Kodi addon, but you can also download TubiTV APK for Android to watch movies and TV shows from your Android devices.

The best thing about this addon is that it is free and doesn’t even ask you to sign-up or register on it to watch movies and TV shows. All you need to do is to download TubiTV Kodi addon, install it and you are good to go. The database of this addon gets updated daily with new content, so you will find something new to watch on it every day.

Yify Movies HD

Yify Movies - Kodi AddonWhen it comes to movies, no other website or network can match the quality that Yify Movies offer. If you have used torrents before for downloading movies, then you might have already landed on its website. Yify is basically one of the biggest movie providers right now without ads.

No matter where you are from, you can always use Yify Movies network to find the movie of your choice and language to download it for free. You don’t have to register yourself on Yify Movies HD addon for Kodi, which makes it easier to use it for free movie downloading needs.

Exodus Redux

Exodus Redux - Kodi AddonThough there is many movies and TV shows provider available on Kodi, but Exodus Redux is one of the oldest and most installed movie addons for Kodi. The latest version of this addon is Exodus V8 and right now the developers are not working on it so you will not get updates related to this addon.

Even after being abandoned, this add-on is being used by millions of people out there for online movie and TV streaming.

There are some independent developers working on it, so this addon gets regular updates for new movies and TV shows. This addon is very easy to use and the interface of this addon for movies on Kodi looks good to the eyes.

Movie Theater Butter

Movie Theater Butter - Kodi AddonBefore some time, this addon was available with a different name, but now it is available as Movie Theater Butter. If you like to read a little information about the movies like the cast, plot, director, reviews, etc.

Then you should definitely try Movie Theater Butter addon for Kodi. By using this addon you will be able to watch movies in Full HD with out any registration and it also gives you movie recommendations based on your watching history. This addon also offers One-Click Play option to the users, so you can easily play movies without doing much work.


Scrubs - Kodi AddonScrubs is another on-demand movies and TV series streaming addon for Kodi which will bring a complete entertainment paradise on your Kodi. You can easily navigate around in this addon and switch tabs among Movies, TV Shows, My Movies, My TV Shows and New Movies to find something of your choice.

Though you will find a fewer 1080p and Blu-Ray movies in it because most of the content is provided in SD or 720p video format. If you want, then you can also sign-in with your Real-Debrid account on this addon to find out the working links for online streaming of movies and TV.


PopcornFlix - Kodi AddonPopcornFlix was launched as a streaming website but because of its amazing content, it got popular around the world. This streaming service was launched in 2010 and right now it is being used by more than 10 million people around the world.

You will be able to watch full-length movies and TV shows using this addon on your Kodi. Another good thing about PopcornFlix for Kodi is that it is very small in size, so it will not put any burden on your device resources and storage while running. You must remember that it is an ad-support streaming service, so don’t get bothered about the ads.


PlutoTV - Kodi AddonPluto TV is one of the leading free streaming television services in the United States right now. There are more than 100 live and original channels available in this addon for live streaming.

Pluto TV has a partnership with major TV networks around the globe for streaming rights, so you can expect some really high-quality movies and TV series streaming on it.

Well Pluto TV addon for Kodi is not just for one thing, but you can use it to watch news, TV shows, movies, sports, lifestyle, and trending digital series online without downloading. It is available for Roku, Android, Chromecast, SmartTVs and for MAC and PC as well.


SnagFilms - Kodi AddonSnagFilms is a pretty old streaming network as it was launched in 2008, so you can expect a lot more from this addon. SnagFilms currently have more than 5000 movies and TV shows for online streaming and you can use this TV series addon for Kodi without any kind of registration process.

There are many TV shows available on SnagFilms which can’t be found anywhere else on the internet and this is what makes this addon a must-try for everyone. Another good thing about SnagFilms for Kodi is that content of various languages is available on it, so it doesn’t matter where you are from, you can always use this addon for online series streaming.


USTVNow - Kodi AddonThis streaming service is very popular across the United States and it is being used by millions of people for online TV shows and series streaming. This is a legal streaming addon for Kodi which is developed by an independent developer but you can use it without any worries.

All of the content available on this addon is scrapped from the internet and along with movies and TV shows you can also find some TV channels to watch them live. If you want, then you can also download USTVNow APK for Android and register on it to merge content across your devices.


Crackle - Kodi AddonCrackle is an official streaming service from Sony and Crackle is not just available on Kodi, but you can also use the Crackle website and download its mobile apps for Android and iOS devices.

If you are looking for a stable and easy to use streaming addons for TV series and shows, then you should definitely download Crackle for Kodi. As this addon is from Sony, so you will find all of the movies and TV shows owned by Sony Network on this addon for free streaming.

Though there are some paid plans available in it, but it’s up to you that you want to subscribe to them or not.

Best Kodi Sports Addons – Best Kodi Video Addons


Sports365 - Kodi AddonSports365 is not just for watching live sports on Kodi, but you can actually do a lot more than that with this addon for Kodi. The addon scrapes content from websites that are available on the public domain and then present them to the users for free.

By using this addon you will be able to watch a different kind of sports matches online for free. Though there are chances that some streams will not work at your end, so in that case, you can use a VPN app along with Sports365 addon for Kodi to watch live sports matches.

Sportowa TV

SportowaTV - Kodi AddonSportowa TV addon for Kodi was taken down for some time because of copyright issues, but this addon is back with more amazing features. By using Sportowa TV you will be able to watch live sports matches online without paying anything and this addon also lets you know about the sports schedule so you can get to know about upcoming streams on this addon.

Moreover, there are many streams for popular TV channels available in this addon which you can watch without registration. It is one of the most feature-rich Kodi addon working right now for online sports streaming.

Red Bull TV

Red Bull TV - Kodi AddonBefore some time, only Red Bull TV website was available for online sports streaming, but because of its popularity, a Kodi addon was also released recently. By using Red Bull TV addon for Kodi you will be able to watch different sports like motorsports racing, boxing, MMA and many more for free. If you want, then you can also sign-up on it to save contents in your profile.

Also, you can download the Red Bull app for your mobile devices to sync data between them. Red Bull TV is not developed by an independent developer, but it is an official Red Bull Kodi addon which allows you to watch sports in real-time.

Fox Sports Go

Fox Sports Go - Kodi AddonFox Sports needs no introduction as it is one of the biggest sporting networks around the world. There are billions of people out there who use Fox Sports to watch live sports and to read news about different sporting events.

Fox Sports Go basically works just like its website and the user interface of this sports addon for Kodi is very clean and easy to use. Currently, Fox Sports Go is available only for the users of the United States, but by using a VPN you can easily access contents of it from anywhere in the world.

If you are looking for a professional Kodi addon for sports, then you should consider downloading it.

Sports Devil

SportsDevil - Kodi AddonSports Devil addon for Kodi has been around for a while, still many people don’t know about this amazing addon for Kodi. By using Sports Devil you will be able to watch Football, Hockey, Tennis, Rugby, MMA, and many more sports matches live for free.

However, this addon asks you to sign-up before you can use it, but that’s very easy to use and it can be done within a few clicks. After downloading Sports Devil you can start watching live sports right away. If you want, then you can also see the schedule of different sports matches so you can stream them at that time.

New Kodi Addons For Live TV – Kodi Live TV Addons

Robin Hood TV

Robin Hood TV - Kodi AddonsRobin Hood TV is a working live TV addon for Kodi and this addon will get you a list of TV channels from all around the world for online streaming. There are many options available in this addon which makes it better than other TV addons for Kodi available right now.

This addon is developed by an independent developer and the database of it gets updated daily with new channels to watch live TV online. This addon comes handy when you are looking for free TV channels streaming services and there are some movies channels available on it which can be used to watch movies online.

cCloud TV

cCloud TV - Kodi AddonscCloud TV is not just a TV streaming addon for Kodi but this addon will help you to watch movies, TV series and sports as well. Though it is not required, but if you want then you can also create an account on it to save channels in your account to get faster access to them.

All of the channels are available according to their categories so you can visit your favorite category of TV channel and then open any channel to watch it live. You will have to install this addon manually on your Kodi and to do that you must enable installation of apps from unknown sources before doing that.

BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer - Kodi AddonsEveryone knows about BBC as it is one of the most popular news networks around the world and BBC iPlayer is official Kodi addon from BBC network. By using this live TV Kodi addon you will be able to watch almost all type of TV channels for free.

Though the official BBC streaming website is paid, but you can use this Kodi addon for free without any registration. The best thing about BBC iPlayer for Kodi is that you can also watch TV shows and series on it and filter them according to their video quality like 720p and 1080p. If you want then you can also watch highlights of sports using this BBC iPlayer Kodi addon.

Charge! Live TV

Charge! Live TV - Kodi AddonCharge! Live TV addon for Kodi may not be as popular as other live TV streaming addons but it is definitely a worth trying addon for all your TV streaming needs. Using this addon is very simple and the layout of it is very simple and clean so you will not face any problem in using it as well.

Apart from live TV, you can also watch movies and TV shows using Charge! Live TV Kodi addon. The best thing about this addon is that it doesn’t ask you to sign-up or register on it to use it which makes it even more interesting to use.

Comet Live TV

Comet Live TV - Kodi AddonComet Live TV might not look at first but the database of this addon is pretty huge and that’s what makes it special for every live TV streaming lover. It is a Kodi addon for live TV and the best thing is that it is available for free of charge.

All you need to do is to download and install this app on your Kodi to get started with it. There are various channels available on this addon for live streaming and if you want, then you can also save them to get faster access to them. Each day, many new channels are added into this addon which keeps its library active and working.

Kodi Adult Addons 2022 – XXX Addons For Kodi

Before you download and install any of the adult Kodi addons mentioned below, make sure you are 18 years or older in age. FireStick Hub doesn’t recommend downloading or using any kind of adult addons for Kodi because they provide content which is not suitable for children. We are providing only the information about Kodi addons for adults and we are not responsible for anything done by a user with them.


XXX-O-DUS - Kodi AddonSince YouPorn addon from the Kodi repository was taken down, XXX-O-DUS adult addon for Kodi is the one that is being used by most of the people. If you are looking for a simple yet useful adult Kodi addons, then you can consider downloading this addon. The content of this addon is what makes it special and there is almost all kind of adult contents available in it.

If you are new to adult content, then you can also get recommendations based on your watch history by this addon. You can download and install this addon for free and use it for an unlimited period of time.

Ultimate Whitecream

Ultimate Whitecream - Kodi AddonUltimate Whitecream is a professional-looking adult addon for Kodi and it is being used by millions of people out there to watch adult content using their Kodi player. This addon doesn’t have anything hosted on its own servers and it scrapes all of the content from different free adult streaming websites available out there.

You will find a lot of adult movies and shows in this addon which you can watch for free. Apart from that all of the content on this addon is divided into sections and categories so a user can easily navigate around and look for the perfect content to stream.


Aliunde - Kodi AddonWell, Aliunde is not an adult addon for Kodi but you will find a lot more on it. Aliunde offers free movies, TV shows, documentaries, sports and adult content streaming to its users for free.

There is no registration process required so you can start watching content using it right after installing this addon on your Kodi. If you are trying to access a content that is blocked in your country, then you can try using this addon with a VPN to unblock all kind of content.

This addon has very good quality content and you can stream it even on low-speed internet connections.

7of9 (AIO)

7of9 - Kodi AddonThis addon is available in Diamond Wizard repository, where you can find a lot more adult addons for your Kodi. Though multiple Kodi addons with similar name available out there but you can identify the original one by looking at the repository name it is available in.

If you are looking for addons to do online streaming of adult content without downloading, then you should definitely this addon on your Kodi. Though there is no need to register yourself on it, but many people prefer to do so because of some extra features like creating a playlist, saving content for offline viewing and to get premium content which is not available for unregistered users.

The Red Queen

The Red Queen - Kodi AddonThis addon is developed by Umbrella Cooperation and if you are looking for an adult addon that has everything in it, then you should try using it. You will be able to watch a different kind of adult movies, TV shows, documentaries and many more for free.

The database of this addon gets updated daily with new content so you will find something new to watch on it every day you open this addon on your Kodi. If you want then you can also sign-up on this addon to save content in your profile and to create a playlist to watch it later.

Best Kodi Addons For Music Streaming (Audio/Video)


YouTube - Kodi AddonEveryone who uses internet knows about YouTube, as it is one of the world’s most popular video sharing network right now. There are billions of people out there who use YouTube for listening to music online because most of the music albums get launched officially on YouTube. Well, you can also download YouTube Kodi addon as a music player as there are tons of music videos available on YouTube. Of course, this addon requires you to register or sign-in in with your Google Account before using this app. Doing this comes handy when you want to sync playlists and watch history among different devices with the same account.

TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio - Kodi AddonTuneIn Radio was first launched in 2002 and right now it is being used by more than 70 million people around the world. The best thing about TuneIn Radio is that it is available in more than 20 languages, so it doesn’t matter where you are from, you can always use TuneIn Radio to listen to radio online. Not only radio, but TuneIn Radio can also be used to listen a different kind of music stations and that too for free. You can also sign-up on TuneIn Radio to save radio stations in your account so you can get access to them faster. TuneIn Radio is also available as a website which can be used after the registration process.

World of Sounds

World of Sounds - Kodi AddonAs the name says, World of Sounds is a complete world of music where you can find the music of different languages as well as countries. Though it asks users to select the language they want music recommendations for and you can select multiple languages in that section. Well, this app gathers all of its music contents from the public domain websites so it is possible that you will not find every music file on it. One good thing about this addon is that it has all of the music categorized so you can open up a category to listen to different music tracks of that particular category and so you don’t have to look for music that you like.

Ravers Unite

Ravers Unite - Kodi AddonRavers Unite is not just a music streaming addon for Kodi but you can discover a lot of new kind of music using this addon on your Kodi. If you are not sure about what kind of music you want to listen to, then this addon will suggest you some good music that is trending around the world. Using Ravers Unite addon for Kodi is very simple and you won’t face any difficulties in using this music addon for Kodi. This addon is available in the Loki Repository and you can download it for free. You can sign-up on this addon service and then save music in your profile or create a playlist.

Skull Rock

Skull Rock - Kodi AddonSkull Rock Kodi addon is a perfect music paradise for every music lover out there and it can bring a whole world of music on your Kodi. Well, this addon is not very much popular as compared to the addons mentioned above, but it works pretty well when it comes to listening to music online. There are different kind of music available on this addon and you can start listening to it right after installing this addon on your Kodi. There is no registration or sign-up needed and if you want, then you can also save the music in your Kodi so you can listen to it whenever you want without searching it all over again.

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Best Kodi Addons For Kids (Cartoons & Anime)

ToonMania 2

ToonMania 2 - Kodi AddonToonMania 2 is the second version of ToonMania Kodi addon and it is one of the easiest add-ons for cartoons available right now. In this addon, you will find all kind of cartoons and anime including dubbed and subbed anime too. This addon is developed by an independent developer so you can expect it to gather all of the contents from the internet. After using it for a while, you will fall in love with its amazing features and easy to use interface. All you need to do is to download this addon, install it and start streaming anime for free without any kind of registration or fee.


FunimationNow - Kodi AddonFunimation is basically an American entertainment company which was founded back in 1994. Since then this company is dominating the market with its amazing content. If you are looking for anime addons for Kodi, then you can try using Funimation. The best thing here is that this addon is available in the default Kodi repository so you can use the search box in Kodi to look for this addon. Right now Funimation is not available in all of the countries around the world, so if you are from a country where it is not available, then you can consider using it with a VPN to unblock it.

Kids Tube

Kids Tube - Kodi AddonAs the name says, KidsTube Kodi addon works just like YouTube but it has content entirely for kids. You can use this addon to watch various kind of movies, series and cartoon show for free without downloading. Using this addon is very simple and a small child can also use it without any assistance. If you are looking for a feature-rich cartoons addons for Kodi, then you should definitely check out this. This addon is currently being used by more than 3 million people out there and you can be next to enjoy the massive library of amazing content of this addon.

TV Ontario Kids

TV Ontario Kids - Kodi AddonTV Ontario Kids Kodi addon was launched a few years back but because of the amazing content, it got so much popularity around the world. It doesn’t matter what kind of cartoons or anime you want to watch, you can always find it on this addon. There are many types of movies, TV shows and series available on it as cartoons and anime which are free to watch. This addon scrapes the content from its official website so in case the website is blocked in your geo-location then you can consider using this addon to watch those content.


ZIM - Kodi AddonJust because we listing down this addon, at last, doesn’t mean it is not better than the addons mentioned above. If you are looking for a simple and easy to use Kodi addon for kids, then you can consider using Zim. This addon is available in Lumberjack Repository and you can easily watch kids TV shows, movies, cartoons, anime and much more visual content related to kids. The best thing about this addon is that it is available for free and you can also install and use this addon without any registration or sign-up process.

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Final Words : best Kodi addons

So this is all about best Kodi addons 2022 and we hope you have found what you were looking for. This post has all of the latest and working Kodi addons of all categories so you can easily find out the best one for yourself. If you want to get the best out of your Amazon FireStick, then you should definitely install Kodi and these add ons on it. If you are getting errors like Kodi addons not working or installing, then you can ask us for help via comments.

We will keep updating this post with the latest Kodi addons, so keep visiting cv to know about the update. Though there are many best apps for Kodi available out there, but the add ons for Kodi mentioned above works best in their respective category. If you know about any other good Kodi add ons, or if you have questions regarding how to install Kodi addons then you can let us know about it via comments below.


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