What Does HMU Mean | HMU Definition & How To Use HMU 2022

What Does HMU Mean: In today’s world, the time has become ultra-precious. Every road has a shortcut, and every word has a short form. Especially in text language, even long phrases are cut short into 4 5 letter abbreviations.

To name a few, LOL, ROFL, KKRH, are very common. Nowadays, even a sweet, good night’s wish becomes GN. There are many such abbreviations used in the text language, and commonly we are only familiar with a few of them.

Having an idea about such abbreviations is important because sometimes if the other person uses one of these in the course of the conversation and you don’t happen to know what it means, it breaks the flow of the chat.

There are other places where you may randomly come across abbreviations and not know what to do, like social media posts or stories and streaks on Instagram and Snapchat.  HMU is one such abbreviation. There are many contexts in which these three letters could be used, essentially indicating something or the other that you have no idea about.

what does hmu mean

Abbreviations are an easy way to continue your conversation or start one for that matter when you are not good at typing. But to use abbreviations and to use them right, you must know what they mean and how they are used and how much their meaning and interpretation depends on where and how you use them.

Have you ever come across anyone saying “HMU”? Ever wondered what it means? Well, you have reached the end of all wondering. The reason is, this article is all about HMU.

What Is the Full Form Of HMU: What Does HMU Mean

Here are the several phrases which have the same abbreviation HMU. This article tells you all about the contexts in which these phrases are used and gives examples of their use in the course of a conversation. The Urban Dictionary gives a number of definitions of HMU.

It also gives several live examples of where this abbreviation can be used. Read till the end to find out what HMU means and where you can use it. It is necessary to know the correct context of using this abbreviation because otherwise, you will end up getting misjudged.

This, however, is true for every other abbreviation you can think of. For example, people use LOL usually for Laugh Out Loud, but there have been times when LOL was used as short for Lots of Love.

So, in such cases, if you are saying one of them and your hearer interprets the other way round, it creates confusion and chaos. In order to avoid all this, take back a keen knowledge of this abbreviation.

How To Use HMU On the Internet

Here are some instances where this phrase HMU is used and what it means in each case.

  • “I’m bored. HMU.”

I am bored. I have got nothing to do. Invite me to do something with you.

“I’m bored. Someone HMU.”

I am bored. Someone talks to me/ reach out to me.

  • Snapchat streaks/ Instagram stories: HMU

I am bored.

Snapchat streaks/ Instagram stories: DMHU

I am busy. Do not talk to me or reach out to me.

  • “HMU if something happens.”

Hit me up if something happens. Reach out to me if something happens. Let me know if something happens.

  • “Hey! You should HMU sometime.”

Hey! You should hang out with me or text me sometime.

This is a casual invitation to a friend or a lesser-known acquaintance whom you want to know better by talking through texts or by hanging out together or doing any other work you want to do together – a call for creating a bonding.

In short, HMU is a quick way of telling someone to contact you. It could be a request, a demand, or an order or simply a casual statement encouraging conversation without hesitation.

The Live Usage of HMU Acronym

Apart from one most common phrase that the abbreviation stands for, there are usually a number of other lesser-known full forms. As such you can’t distinguish but, when used in a certain context, it can be easily known which phrase is being shortened into the abbreviation.

The same goes for HMU. Though “hit me up” is the most common phrase it is expanded to, there are other phrases that it could indicate depending on how and where it is being used.

Sometimes, it might as well get sensitive. Considering what it could mean, the person at the other end might end up getting offended by your using the phrase HMU.

HMU is often used by wankers to address its target for what they want. “I’m bored. HMU girl” – this statement looks very much like the other examples stated above, but it is very different. It is a way in which wankers ask girls to sleep with them. This is a context where it can create offense or sound disrespectful.

Things To Remember While Using ‘HMU’

HMU is short for the phrase “hit me up”. This is strictly not a formal way but a very commonly used term in the text language. It is an open invitation for social interaction.

Often, people post this phrase online expressing their intention and interest in having a conversation or having people reach out to them. It can often be a request or sometimes a command expressed over texts or through posts.

If you are using the abbreviation HMU in a good sense, make sure its mention does not sound anything of this sort. It can affect the flow of your conversation or make the person at the other end of the line uncomfortable.

Sometimes, “hold my unicorn” is another full form of HMU, jokingly derived from what HMU could mean. Though not as common as the phrase hit me up, this lesser-known full form of HMU is more of a joke than any serious indication.

Other Meanings of the HMU Slang

Though normally, HMU is not considered a way of flirting, yet it could indicate that someone is interested in you in some way or another. Be it with an intention to take what starts from HMU into a direct flirting conversation, or to establish a friendship or any other thing of that sort, if they say “HMU”, it means that they are looking forward to furthering interaction with you.

HMU is not a common term for people who talk daily or have regular catching up with each other. Rather, it is more suitable when people who know each other just by identity meet after a long time and more appropriate for people who are meeting for the first or second time.

Moreover, the abbreviation HMU will be more suitable for use when you run into people you know and would like to talk to, but at the very moment, either you or them or both are busy and want to catch up later.

Otherwise, when you meet someone for the first time and after the basic introduction or interaction, when you go ahead to take your leave; HMU or “hit me up, sometime” would be a casual way of saying “see you again” or “feel free to contact” or something of that sort.

Final Words – HMU

Unless used the way wankers use this phrase, there is no harm in using the abbreviation HMU. Though not a formal way of addressing or taking your leave or looking for people to talk to and hang out, HMU is not an offensive way either. It is just a way of telling people to talk to you or do something together and sometimes to encourage them to reach out for your help or advice or friendly counseling when and where they need it.

This is all you need to know about HMU, the abbreviation, its full forms, what it means, and where and how it can be used. Please read the other articles to find out more about such abbreviations and their usability.

It could also indicate an invitation of hanging out together when said in texts or looking for people to hang out with if posted publicly. The abbreviation HMU / “hit me up” is often seen in people’s Instagram and Snapchat stories and posts.

A text or post saying HMU indicates that the person is bored and wants you or others to talk to them or hang out with them. On the other hand, if someone posts or writes DHMU, it stands for “don’t hit me up” and essentially means the exact opposite of HMU. DHMU indicates that the person is busy and does not want to be talked to or reached out for.

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